Wear AYUR SHIELD to keep COVID 19 at bay

Kerala’s Vaidyaratnam Oushadhasala @ Mayur Vihar phase 1 initiates Immunity Clinic

New Delhi: If your immunity is at its best, it is PPE, face mask, sanitizer, hand- gloves rolled into one and much more. It is the impregnable shield to ensure your body’s safety from all kinds of prowling pathogens. COVID catastrophe has revealed it most unequivocally.

As modern medicine is still stabbing in the dark in trying to tame the ravaging COVID 19, immunity has emerged as the most effective protective safeguard against corona infection. Immunity not being Allopathy’s cup of tea, the whole world is looking towards Ayurveda and, rightly so.

People in Delhi NCR can well look towards just initiated AYUR SHIELD Immunity Clinic @ Mayur Vihar Phase 1as it comes from famed Vaidyaratnam Oushadhasala, the Kerala’s most credible Ayurveda brand. Its standing is reinforced by the fact that Government of Kerala, whose success in managing COVID pandemic is being applauded all over, has initiated an Ayur Shield Immunity Clinic program. Boosting immunity has been a very crucial component in Kerala’s COVID success story. The clinic in Delhi was inaugurated on June 21 by Padmashri Alok Mehta, the celebrated senior journalist and a great champion of Ayurveda in healthcare. Speaking on the occasion, Mr Mehta spoke at length about efficacy of Ayurveda and stressed the need of promoting this system for better health in Indian society. He added governments should encourage Public private partnership to establish credible Ayurvedic centres in the country.

Talking to Medicare News, Dr Sooriadas K, senior physician at the clinic, said, ‘This immunity program will be of 3 months duration.  Our treatments will be based on purely Kerala Ayurved tradition. Like in Delhi, we have lot of branches and treatment centres in Kerala and different cities of India.’

The Vaidyaratnam Group of institutions belongs to Eledath Thaikkatt Mooss family who is famous for its Ashtavaidya  tradition. Ashtavaidyas are those physicians who are masteres in all the 8 branches of Ayurveda. ‘Vaidyaratnam’ was the title bestowed upon Ashtavaidyan E.T.Narayana Mooss by the British Govt. in 1924 for his valuable contributions in the field of Ayurveda. His son Ashtavaidyan E.T.Neelakandhan Mooss ( Padmashree Awardee) initialised Vaidyaratnam Group, by starting Vaidyaratnam Oushadhasala Pvt.Ltd. in 1941 at Thaikkattussery Ollur, Thrissur Kerala State. Now the Chairman of our Group is Ashtavaidyan E.T.Narayanan Mooss ( PADMABHOOSHAN Awardee).


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