Cobra gang nabbed by the Dehradun Police

Five members team of drug smugglers has been arrested by joint operation run by the Dehradun police and special operations group (SOG) on Monday.  Five members group of smugglers is famous as ‘Cobra Gang’ to supply drugs to the factory workers and students in the state capital.

Social media channels like messaging app WhatsApp and Facebook are used by them to supply and find clients. They will take their orders and confirm ‘booking’ online. Police intercepted high speeding white car on the outskirts of Dehradun, which tried to flee but police apprehended it soon.

Smack worth rupees 30 lakhs in the international market was seized from their possession with cash of 1.20 lakhs and all are arrested. Cash they had collected after selling a portion of drugs earlier in the day at Selaqui industrial area, a country-made revolver and the car used for ferrying the drugs were also seized by police.

The arrested team members were identified as Sherdil Khan and Shahid from Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, and other three Ajit, Pushpendra, and Rajat are from Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Police team interrogated and many important leads have revealed about the drug smugglers’ network and other members are involved in it.

Nivedita Kukreti Kumar, senior superintendent of police (SSP) Dehradun said that they also invested their earned money in movable and immovable property. She also said to work further to find their roots.

To run this cycle of order and delivery, all things managed in a well-coordinated manner to prevent getting caught. They used to prepare separate packaging of drugs and delivered through different ways.  Each member has specific tasks like deciding route, carrying out recce (of the decided route) and ensuring that it is clear of ‘hindrances’ and then delivering the same.


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