MillionGenie aggregates blood and humanity for sick and dying

An App that is all set to revolutionize blood donation and banking

Mumbai/New Delhi: Bloodletting is happening day in and day out in violence, not to talk of wars, borders and conflict areas and lives are being snuffed out with impunity. But when it comes to saving sick and dying, the crucial blood is hard to find despite donors galore and donated blood going down the drains.

But with MillionGenie around, blood may easily be available in the nick of time in times to come. MillionGenie is the name of an App that is all set to revolutionize the blood donation and banking in India.

This damn good ‘bloody’ idea sprouted after a chance meeting of five youth, Ram Solanki, Govind Malli, Nayan Priya and Vishwajeet Sharma, Suraj Pari, who were handsomely employed and leading a life of comfort. Some heart rending episode of blood scarcity catalysed them to shun the life of comfort to create an instrument to help blood needy.

According to a major blood bank research, every country is short by 3 million units of blood every year. India faces a shortage of 35 tankers of blood to help dying patients every minute, where our population is in billions. Also in last five years, 6 lakh litre of blood is wasted in India and never reach a patient.

We fail to save lives of people in spite of donated blood being wasted. What is causing this huge gap? Surprisingly, it is not the unavailability of donors but the lack of a connecting platform. The App is trying to fill in this gap by providing a unified platform where people, hospitals, blood banks and donors can help each other better.

Ram Solanki, founder of  this App says: “We feel in our world Emergency services, safety & security are dependent on external elements and many times these services fall short of providing service to everyone. If we talk about Blood Emergency, despite having blood banks and other facilities, there are patients who do not receive their blood group in time. Our App wants to provide a platform which connects Hospitals, Blood Banks, Donors and People. We want to see the world where people take care of each other when they need the most.”


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