New Delhi: A giant tumour of unheard size so far, grabbing the abdominal space for vital organs such as the liver, kidneys, stomach, small bowel, large bowel, urinary bladder, and spleen emerged in Sir Ganga Ram. A 77 year patient coming from Dubai harbored such tumour in his abdomen experiencing discomfort for a pretty long time. Doctors successfully removed it giving patient a new lease of life.

In a remarkable medical feat, doctors at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi have successfully conducted a complex surgery to remove a massive tumour from a 77-year-old patient. The tumour, equivalent in weight to nearly five newborn babies, weighing approximately 14 kg and stretching over two and a half feet in length, had been posing severe health risks to the patient.

The patient, a former employee of the UAE Airforce Ground technical team, Dubai, had been experiencing discomfort and abdominal distension for the past 1-2 years. Upon evaluation, it was revealed that a colossal tumour occupied nearly 85 per cent of his abdominal space, pressing on vital organs such as the liver, kidneys, stomach, small bowel, large bowel, urinary bladder, and spleen.

Lead surgeon, Dr. Saumitra Rawat, Chairman and Head of the Institute of Surgical Gastroenterology, GI and HPB Onco-Surgery, and Liver Transplantation at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital , led a multidisciplinary team of experts including GI and HPB Onco-Surgeons, urologists, cardiologists, anaesthesiologists, and ICU specialists for the intricate surgery. Describing the complexity of the procedure, Dr. Rawat explained, “The tumour, resembling liposarcoma, presented unique challenges due to its size and location. Traditional open surgical methods were employed as the tumour had encroached upon all available space in the abdomen, leaving no room for minimally invasive procedures.

” Despite the high-risk nature of the surgery, which included separating the tumour from vital structures such as the liver, stomach, small bowel, large bowel, right kidney, urinary bladder, and dealing with its extension into the right inguinal region, the surgical team executed the procedure flawlessly, ensuring minimal blood loss and preserving organ integrity. “The successful outcome of this surgery highlights the importance of combining traditional surgical techniques with evolving minimal access procedures,” remarked Dr. Rawat. “The patient is recovering well post-surgery, marking a significant milestone in his journey towards restored health and well-being.”

Dr. Ajay Swaroop Chairman Board of Management added ‘This groundbreaking achievement underscores the commitment of medical professionals at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital towards delivering exceptional patient care and pushing the boundaries of medical expertise.’