picNew Delhi: On World Osteoporosis Day (October 20), Aakash Healthcare Dwarka pulled off a feat the world record is rarely made of. In bare four hours, its team tested over 3000 (there thousand) people spread across length and breadth of Delhi NCR with all the details and documentation for the rating agency to see and decide. Densitometers of the hospital were on bone density testing spree with break neck speed. In meticulously planned event, the hospital interestingly made a world record and broke its own twice on a trot. To clinch the world record for being fastest in bone density testing, the hospital needed test of only 1000 people!!!

Osteoporosis is a silent and killer bone condition in which bones of body of a person becomes weak and brittle unawares. Early detection is the key to keep catastrophe at bay keeping tab on density of bones via getting tested by densitometer.

The bona fide record set by the hospital was announced by Paavan Solanki, Founder & President, World Records India and Genius Foundation. He handed over the certificate to Dr Aashish Chaudhry Managing Director of Aakash Healthcare in a World Records Ceremony. Being an ace Orthopedic and Joint replacement surgeon, Dr Chaudhry is very passionate about bone health in India. He made it clear that the motto behind this one of a kind bone testing event was to shout about the need to be wary about bone health, not merely for decor. If this event makes at least Delhi NCR people aware of the need of early detection of setting in of osteoporosis, I will deem it the greatest trophy and glory. Being tested by densitometer, we can stop Osteoporosis in its track by timely interventions.’

Paavan Solanki, who normally keeps emotions at bay because of the nature of mandate of his organization to objectively evaluate for records, was himself thrilled by this feat of Aakash Healthcare. Mr Solanki said, ‘Aakash healthcare was given target of only1000 testing by densitometer in four hours for world record but the hospital achieved over three thousand mark. This would have normally taken one month to achieve this mark as documentation and execution entails a lot of groundwork. It really speaks a volume about the hospital. My thrill can be sourced also to the fact that I myself was not aware of the need of this testing and took a sigh of relief when came out negative after being tested in the event. I myself appeal to the masses to take Aakash Healthcare’s campaign seriously to avert osteoporosis catastrophe.’

Dr Aashish Chaudhry said, ‘The incidence of osteoporosis in Delhi NCR has assumed epidemic proportions. This condition is silently eating into the vitals of bones in the region. I daily see 40-50 patients afflicted by this condition. It is not only silent; it is a killer disease as well. About 30 percent of patients die within one year of the fracture. Elderly for sure must be vigilant about density of their bones, but new working generations too cannot look the other way as their life style is making them vulnerable too in terms of bone health. It is high time we never lose sight of how our bone health is panning out.  Densitometer is the key.’

Dr Chaudhry further said, ‘The significance of this event cannot be overstated. Osteoporosis is a debilitating condition that affects millions of people worldwide, often without even realizing it. Early diagnosis and prevention are essential in the fight against this silent disease, which is why we have embarked on this mission to raise awareness,’

Sharing details of the remarkable event, Dr. Aashish Chaudhry, Managing Director, Aakash Healthcare, Dwarka,  said, “To ensure the triumph of this endeavor, we have adopted a meticulously crafted ‘Hub and Spoke Model,” with Aakash Healthcare, Dwarka, serving as the central hub. Furthermore, the hospital adopted a comprehensive and thorough approach in terms of record-keeping and documentation. The hospital assembled a skilled team of photographers, videographers, and media professionals to capture every facet of this historic event. Their objective is to diligently document each moment, from the first test to the final count. This comprehensive approach ensures that the event’s impact will extend far beyond its duration.

To ensure real-time data acquisition of each individual and seamless coordination across all locations, Team Aakash seamlessly integrated a Cloud-based application, Google Sheets, into their operations. This innovative technology will help in maintaining a clear overview of the event’s progress, ensuring they meet their ambitious goal of conducting a maximum number of tests within the given time frame.