New Delhi: Quest for total remission of conditions born out of disruption of metabolism has reached its fruition, thanks to AI (Artificial Intelligence) enabled ‘Whole Body Digital Twin’ technology. Call it cure if you will.

It is not for nothing that top politicians, bureaucrats and celebrities are eating out of the hands of Twin Health. And, in case you are amazed to see some of them turning new leaves, dig out. It is highly likely that they are being handheld to wellness by TH. Lest you start thinking we have heard it before, factor in renowned Dr Anoop Mishra, a ‘very hard to please’ healer and researcher, who have earned notoriety for calling the bluff of sham cure claims of diabetes or other metabolic disorders. That Dr Mishra has bonded with Twin Health speaks a volume about efficacy of this assiduously curated program. It seems Dr Anoop Mishra has got his alter ego for his mission of total remission. Dr Mishra, who is stickler for authenticity in medicine, is the ultimate endorsement for Twin Health crafted for total remission of Diabetes, Obesity, Dyslipidemia, Hypertension, NAFLD, PCOD and whatnots.

Fortis C-DOC, Mecca of diabetes remission and a hospital for Diabetes, Endocrinology & Allied Multi Specialties taking Twin Health USA on board is being watched with unprecedented anticipation. Twin health has   launched a patented Whole Body Digital Twin technology empowered Diabetes Remission Clinic here to address the rapid rise of pre diabetes & diabetes in India at the verge of becoming diabetes capital of the world.

Prof. Anoop Misra (Executive Chairmen of Diabetes, Endocrinology & Allied Multi Specialties at Fortis C-DOC is bullish about Twin Health’s potential to bring about a paradigm shift in the way chronic metabolic disorders are being tackled. At the inauguration of Clinic at Fortis CDOC, Chirag Delhi, Dr Mishra said, ‘It is an exciting convergence of medical breakthroughs and technological prowess as we unite the latest advancements in diabetes remission with the formidable capabilities of Artificial Intelligence. In doing so, we are confident in our ability to extend our services to a significant portion of patients, ushering in a new era of excellence in diabetes care.’

Dr. Maluk Mohamed, Co-founder and India Head of Twin Health, highlighted the strong intent of Fortis CDOC to deliver world-class medical treatment technologies and pledged Twin Health’s dedication to helping patients recover from Type 2 Diabetes. He also talked about how patients on the programme will be able to reduce not just disease burden & also the financial burden created due to the chronic nature of these metabolic diseases’.

Twin Health dawned on India at a time when Indian Council of medical research has come out with worrying trend. According to its latest report, there has been a significant increase in diabetes cases in India, with 101 million individuals currently living with the condition and 136 million classified as prediabetics.

Total remission of chronic metabolic disorders is not a mere leap of faith of Twin Health; it is well grounded in fast emerging outcomes by the days in the aforesaid. Given amazing outcomes in the clinic, Twin Health seems to be recipe of cure for sure. It is poised to soon radically change the way chronic metabolic disorders are tackled in India and the world over. If cure has been your holy grail, this program is certainly a go to program if you are a diabetic. It is also a promise of plenty for people in the vice like grip of conditions born out of disruption of metabolism.

Experts, who affirm the great potential of Twin Health, all over India hold that AI powered Twin Health is a prodigy and can be a potent weapon in war against NCDs which are threatening to engulf India’s productive demographic. In Fortis C-Doc clinic outcomes of this program is like enlightenment unheard of in the realm of medicine, taking everyone by surprise.

The newly launched clinic at Fortis CDOC, Chirag Delhi aims to assist patients in recovering from prediabetes & diabetes utilizing advanced technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. The program assesses an individual’s metabolism to identify underlying issues and provides personalized recommendations for nutrition, sleep, physical activity, and breathing patterns, facilitating sustainable disease recovery.

The air is of course cluttered with claims of remission of diabetes and patients are spoilt for choices but Twin Health stands out because of the support its garnered among practitioners of modern medicine in the country. By the going rate of outcomes emerging from its clinics Twin Health seems quite close to Eureka moment i.e. cure of diabetes. . The outcomes also show that AI enabled altering of life style alone can make all the difference. Summing up, Twin is poised to give bariatric surgeons, clinical dietician, stem- cell therapist, regular diabetologists a run for their money.

Twin Health, a USA and India based healthcare startup, has introduced the Whole Body Digital Twin™ (WBDT) to reverse, improve, and prevent chronic metabolic diseases. With a mission to eradicate the high prevalence of diseases like diabetes, pre-diabetes, and obesity, Twin Health offers a comprehensive care program utilizing the WBDT, an app, and a dedicated health coach and doctor. Through personalized guidance on nutrition, sleep, activity, and breathing, Twin Health aims to address the root cause of metabolic diseases and help patients achieve lasting health improvements.