Anti-Snake Venom Production is now a main focus of BIRAC

Medicare News

According to the reports, India is estimated to have the highest snakebite mortality in the world and with this regard, BIRAC took an initiative to research for developing novel tools, technologies and processes related to snake bite problem and the final product will optimize up to the level to work as Anti-snake venom.

In rural areas of tropical developing countries, snake bite is very common and is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths and disabilities every year. So, pertaining to these cases, BIRAC called research proposals on the development of novel and alternate ways of anti-snake venom (ASV) production; development of new diagnostics kits for the identification of the snake biting species; and characterization, evaluation, and validation facility for ASV.

This new programme will start soon and will the focus on cost-effective, novel and innovative approaches. BIRAC also focus on generating ASV with better product profiles and greater cost-effectiveness than current products in the market.

This program would incorporate a portion of the demonstrative need territories for presenting the proposition, for example, better approaches for creating ASV like recombinant immune response based ASV generation advances; identification of herbal/peptide and little atoms for conceivable upgrade of accessible window for administration; plant-made recombinant snakebite immunizing agent venom counter acting agent mixed drink; and a container Asian antidote venom – with high power antibody venom intended for a few nations over the South Asian locale, delivered in huge volumes and administered in a solitary dosage.


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