New Rules set by NPPA to stop misuse of stents

Medicare News

In February 2017 The National Pharmaceuticals Pricing Authority (NPPA) reduced stent prices up to 80% for all drug-eluting stents and bioresorbable vascular scaffolds, But the generated invoices of angioplasty surgery still not come down to the expected level and the government received a number of complaints regarding the same.

The NPPA took the second step to provide transparency and to control prices further has issued a special circular to hospitals and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Monday.

The new notice made a display of prices mandatory in their premises, as well as in a patient’s bill with the clear display of state stent types, brands, manufacturers and prices and the bills must also include details of type and price of stent used. FDA needs to ensure the implementation of the latest issue and keep an eye on the hospitals. Hospitals should also need to put up details about stents on their websites also.

Vidyadhar Jawadekar, Pune region’s joint commissioner for FDA (drug) confirmed the receiving of the fresh circular from NPPA and said they will implement it now.


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