Apollo Hospitals Group is Ahead of the Curve

Powered by AI, Robotics & Automation, Healthcare Major is raring to lead Digital Lane

New Delhi/ Chennai: Offsetting COVID headwinds, Apollo Hospitals Group is exuding with confidence of staying ahead of the curve. Buoyed by its strong FY20 performance, the healthcare major has listed feathers in its cap saying it is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics & Automation to lead digital Revolution in healthcare.

Despite daunting circumstances entailed by COVID 19 pandemic, the group went laughing all the way to bank which is certainly symptomatic of its sound fundamentals.Q4FY20 Standalone Revenues grew 19% to Rs.25, 721 million compared to Rs.21,671 million in Q4FY19, aided by Healthcare services growth of 6% YoY and SAP growth of 33%. Healthcare services grew 6% YoY led by growth both in the mature hospitals and new hospitals which grew 3% and 8% YOY respectively. EBITDA (Pre Ind AS 116) was at Rs.2, 877 million in Q4FY20 as against Rs. 2,658 million in Q4FY19 a YoY growth of 8%. PAT grew by 168 % to Rs.2,056 million in Q4FY20.

Dr. Prathap C Reddy, Chairman, Apollo Hospitals is quite bullish about group’s potential to leap from strength to strength to achieve multiple milestones in times to come. He has spoken at length in glowing terms about his behemoth’s performances.

Dr Reddy said, “The last quarter of FY20 saw the world facing the unprecedented threat of the novel coronavirus. We are very happy that we have been able to be of service in these times of crisis, by screening, testing and treating COVID-19. Our expertise and experience in treating all kinds of ailments over the last 36 years has held us in good stead, enabling us to create a strong flank in the management and treatment of COVID-19. Nevertheless, in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis, we have not forgotten the tsunami of NCDs that still ails our population.

Apollo Hospitals was formed to provide the best of clinical care for Indians, at an affordable rate. In that same spirit, we have put up COVID treatment beds in our hospitals, but with a difference. There is an ‘iron curtain’ of the highest Standards of Excellence in Infection Control Protocols and Best Practices separating our COVID beds from the other treatment beds. This is because we realise that we need to treat our regular patients also with the same zeal and with utmost safety.

We have upgraded the capacity at all our testing centres. Our team at Apollo Diagnostics have also made all efforts to ensure that we have sufficient testing kits to test all the necessary people.

We are doing our best for our COVID patients, and are working on a plan to reach out directly to individuals, families, and corporates, to being them under a comprehensive protection plan, mainly to remove any fear from their minds as Fear will not help in quick recovery.

Our Apollo 24/7 app enabling round-the-clock communication between patient and the healthcare provider is playing a big role in alleviating fear. It is one of the greatest tool that we have dedicated in the service of the nation. Over a million calls and enquiries have already been received on the app, and thousands of consultations are happening every day.

Currently, we are keeping in focus our patients who have trusted us for the last 36 years – patients from various parts of the country and from across the globe. I feel immensely proud and happy that Apollo Hospitals is safe and a beacon of hope for those who need care, especially for their regular ailments, which can sometimes turn life threatening if left unattended. We have ensured that Apollo Hospitals is safe with robust comprehensive Isolation protocols and an Infection Prevention and Control program that creates a barrier between COVID patients and other Medical & Surgical Patients, including separate teams to handle COVID patients.

I take this opportunity to acknowledge with gratitude the extraordinary efforts of our doctors, nurses and support staff during this pandemic, and am very grateful to our doctors who have given themselves completely to twin purposes – treatment of COVID-19 patients and treatment of regular patients in completely separate ways.

The financial year 2020-21 will be challenging due to the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID has affected not just the Indian healthcare sector but also other sectors and the global economy. The short term may see an adverse impact on aspects such as medical value travel or medical tourism, but in the longer term, I am sure that healthcare being a resilient industry will bounce back to its normal growth.

On a different note – the second decade of the 21st century was supposed to herald Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics into healthcare, to improve the quality of health care delivery. Recognising this, we floated a global tender, and after several rounds of selection, chose DXC as our partner in this digital journey. They have already made a significant impact on our health-checks and in bringing about perfection in our medical practice, which is helping all our doctors.

I am happy to share that Apollo Hospitals is performing the highest number of robot-assisted surgeries in the country, and we have started using robots in performing cardiac procedures. We look forward to leading the digital transformation of healthcare in the country as we battle both Communicable and Non-communicable diseases.”

In a press note sent to Medicare News, the group has showcased its credentials in great detail which goes like this- Initiatives like Apollo 24/7 to give digital edge to build on strong FY20 performance

Launched Apollo 24|7, India’s largest end-to-end omnichannel healthcare digital platform enabling users from any part of the country to access a full bouquet of healthcare services – 24×7 tele-consultation with 1000+ Apollo doctors across 55+ specialities, Online pharmacy, Diagnostics @ home, Digital health records and Health management.

Apollo Hospitals ends FY20 on a strong note despite COVID headwinds Consolidated Revenues for FY20 cross Rs. 10,000 Cr for the first time; show steady growth across all segments and regions, including retail pharmacies

Apollo Health and Lifestyle ends the year with EBITDA of Rs.1.8 Cr, a positive swing of Rs. 62 Cr from the position in FY19

‘Project Kavach’, a comprehensive response plan to fight COVID-19 launched encompassing education & information, screening and assessment, testing, to infrastructure for quarantine and treatment. Several Corporates are now part of the Apollo Kavach program.

Over 15 million Indians take AI-based Coronavirus Risk Assessment scan on Apollo 24/7 digital platform

Conducted educational and risk management seminars with 250+ corporates on safe working environment. Over 50,000 individuals trained on the online COVID-19 course

Apollo Proton Cancer Centre has completed over 200 Proton Sessions for patients from around the world with complex cancers

Dr. Prathap C. Reddy, Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group conferred with the Rotary Institute 2019 Super Achiever Excellence in Healthcare Award for pioneering innovation in accessible healthcare, bringing high quality healthcare within the reach of all and conceptualizing a model for preventive healthcare

For detailed performances on economic front, sample the detail. FY20 Standalone Revenues up 17% at Rs.9,794 crore EBITDA (Pre IND AS 116) at Rs.1,189 crore, higher by 17% yoy EBITDA (Post IND AS 116) at Rs. 1,415 crore, higher by 39% yoy PAT grows 55 % yoy to Rs. 470 Crore

FY20 Consolidated Revenues up 17% at Rs.11,247 crore EBITDA (Pre IND AS 116) at Rs.1,288 crore, higher by 21% yoy EBITDA (Post IND AS 116) at Rs. 1,587 crore, higher by 49% yoy PAT grows 93 % yoy to Rs. 455 Crore

Q4FY20 Standalone Revenues up 19% at Rs. 2,572 crore EBITDA (Pre IND AS 116) up 8% at Rs.288 crore

EBITDA (Post IND AS 116) up 31% at Rs.348 crore PAT up 168 % at Rs. 206 crore

Q4FY20 Consolidated Revenues up 17% at Rs. 2,922 crore EBITDA (Pre IND AS 116) up 7% at Rs.299 crore EBITDA (Post IND AS 116) up 36% at Rs.380 crore

PAT up 169 % at Rs. 219 crore SAP business reported 33% growth in Revenues in Q4FY20 EBITDA (Pre IND AS 116) grew by 52 %, EBITDA margins at 6.2% in Q4FY20

EBITDA (Post IND AS 116) grew by 129 %, EBITDA margins at 9.4% in Q4FY20 Net addition of 66 stores in Q4FY20; Pan-India network now at 3,766 stores.


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