Faridabad/New Delhi: Asian hospital in Faridabad is now a cut above the rest in the region as it is now armed with best of the breed robot. It is designed to meet patient care and adapting the advance technologies of the new millennium enters a new era in surgery with the introduction of its first 3D Advanced Minimal Access Surgical Robot in the region – the Versius Robotic Surgical System.

Robotic surgery has added a new dimension to the existing surgical segment. The next-generation advanced surgical robot is set to revolutionize the field of surgery in oncology and urology (Kidney Nephrectomy), thoracic surgery, and general surgical procedures such as gall bladder stone, complex hernia among several other complex procedures.

With superior 3D visualization, the most advanced and efficient robotic solution backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning is designed to empower the surgeon ensuring greater accuracy, precision, and safety offering superior surgical solutions even in inaccessible areas.

This is yet another “First in the Region” advancement by Asian healthcare

Speaking about the launch, *Dr. N. K. Pandey, Chairman & Managing Director, Asian Hospital*, said that “Next-generation advanced robotic surgery offers enhanced accuracy with less tissue trauma, minimal blood loss, lesser chance of getting infection and less complication, better mobility and improved early functional recovery besides a shorter hospital stay for the patient after surgery.

The Versius surgical robot enhances surgeon’s skills whilst surgeon errors are negated. Besides less pain to the patient, robotic surgery with Versius adds another component to the safety of the patient via the surgeon’s comfort and by enhancing their skills.

Sharing his views on the next-generation advanced robotic surgery, *Dr. Pandey* said, “Though traditional procedures available for cancer, weight loss, and transplant surgery offer good outcomes, the next-generation advanced surgical robot is minimally invasive and gives accurate 3D visualization that makes all the difference. Advanced robotic technology aims, and hope that these procedures will enhance accuracy and lessen the chance of infection and consequently further improve surgical outcome.

More so, the procedure allows preparing patient-specific plans and aim at better long-term outcomes. It also facilitates the preservation of healthier tissue along with protecting the surrounding soft tissues at the surgical site. Along with complete removal of disease organ and tissue.

Robotic assistance is used to perform common as well as advanced procedures with more flexibility, precision, and control besides leaving much smaller and less invasive scars, shorter hospitalization stay, reduced pain and discomfort, faster recovery time, return to normal activities, smaller incisions, resulting in reduced risk of infection, reduced blood loss and transfusions as compared to traditional surgery.

The 3D Advanced Minimal Access Surgical Robotic System is designed to offer accuracy, value, and freedom at the cutting edge of robotics surgery; helping surgeons improve outcomes and patient satisfaction in cancer and other surgeries. These components put together into a single system with a smaller learning curve leading to better patient outcomes is what makes Versius the next generation surgical robot.