New Delhi: That Sir Ganga Ram Hospital is the epitome of best medical practices is a common knowledge in India. The cherry on the top of the cake is that the reputation has gone global. The visit of Moscow Government Business Mission delegation visiting exemplary SGRH to study medical practices prevalent here amply proves it. The mission particularly praised its unique charity model whereby rich patients pay for poor patients.

For those who came in late, the best practices of SGRH are vouched for by Union Health Ministers in back-to-back pronouncements have dubbed SGRH as the best Healthcare Model in India. In these well documented commendations, they have also coaxed other hospitals in the country to emulate Sir Ganga Ram medical model. The singular reputation of the hospital has gone far and wide. On top of these, Ms Svetlana Ushakova, Co-Ordinator of Russian Delegation to profusely praised the working of the hospital.

As part of the Moscow Government Business Mission to New Delhi, a 21-member delegation of the medical workers of the Moscow State Healthcare Institution “City Clinical Hospital No. 1 named after Nikolay Pirogov” visited Sir Ganga Ram Hospital on December 11 in order to study best medical practices of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (SGRH) and to establish working contacts with Sir Ganga Ram Hospital’s doctors and other colleagues.

Welcoming the Russian delegation, Dr D.S. Rana, Chairman Sir Ganga Ram Trust Society said, ‘ It is a matter of great pride that our Russian friends have shown interest in working of our hospital . The establishment of working contacts between Moscow State Healthcare Institution and SGRH will help in developing academic ties between two institutions. It will also help in furthering academics and research between two great institutions.”

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Ajay Swaroop, Chairman (Board of Management), Sir Ganga Ram Hospital said, ‘I am sure that this visit will help foster new partnerships between two healthcare organisations. We are keen to share experiences and expertise with the aim to further bolster the health sector in India and Russia and provide world-class patient-centered care.’

The 21 member Russian delegation was in particular interested to visit Department of Critical care and ICU. Dr B.K.Rao, Chairman, Department of Critical Care showed them the Department and said , ‘ I am very pleased to know that the standard of patient care in Russian ICUs is very similar to us.’

Speaking on the occasion Ms Svetlana Ushakova , Co-Ordinator of Russian Delegation said, ‘We are pleasantly surprised by the unique working model of SGRH where doctors run the hospital on day to day basis for last five decades. Also, the unique charity model of this model whereby rich pays for poor is also praise worthy. ”

The following areas were of particular interest of Russian delegation : organization of the emergency department in case of mass admissions , including traumatology, surgery, radiology ambulance services and diagnostics in the emergency depertment.

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital conducted a Mock Disaster Drill to showcase handling of any disaster for the benefit of Russian delegation.

Nikolay Ivanovich Pirogov was a Russian scientist and medical doctor who is considered to be the founder of field of surgery. He was the first surgeon to use anaesthesia in a field operation (1847) and one of the first surgeons in Europe to use ether as an anaesthetic. He is credited with invention of various kinds of surgical operations and developing his own technique of using plaster casts to treat fractured bones.