Boom for Ayurvedic medicine dealers due to increasing inclination towards the use of natural products!!

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Tulshibaug’s medicine sellers experienced the boom in the sale of their ayurvedic raw materials. These traders are engaged in selling ayurvedic medicines for nearly 100 years, three shops nestled in Tulshibaug are experiencing a great increase due to growing use of natural products.

Growing awareness regarding the benefits of using the natural products also helping people to try them and even international users are inclined towards using natural products to treat illness. Sellers are very hopeful that in the coming years, the ayurvedic medicines will become the first choice of the users.

Store owner Kanhaiya Gujar of Gokuldas Govardhandas said that his shop is now about 100 years old and, with the years, the demand for Ayurvedic products has remained constant. They are following their traditional business and keep dealing with all the products they had when the shop started and people still buy them. Due to the advertisement from bigger brands publicized and popularized Ayurveda and natural products and it gives a boost to the market for ayurvedic products. Consumption and use of Ayurvedic items increasing again and products like Kapur, asmantara, amla, kadu, jeera, kadu neem, methi, saptrangi, jambul, and ovaful come in high demand over the last few years due to their healing properties and awareness. People suffering from diabetes or joint pain are opting for these powders and herbs to gain relief.

Another shop owner Ranade of Ambadas Vanaushadhi stated that the business of natural items was and will remain profitable. He said he experienced a gradual rise in the sales. When people start experiencing the reactions and side effects of allopathic and antibiotic medicines, then Ayurveda gave them best choice to heal their illness.

Articles and blog also giving and raising awareness to use ayurvedic products and people start demanding the same they read about. Once again, people start using natural products thus providing an increase in sales.

As they are among the very few stores that deal in raw materials and thus their market remains strong. People using Ayurveda for centuries and take benefits from its natural healing property without any side-effects.


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