New ways to handle drug menace through advertise the name of abusive substance sellers

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The government will publish names of the seller who were involved in selling abusive substance and harming the society in the Srinagar/Kashmir.  Increasing drug abuse giving an alarm to the government to control this otherwise it will destroy our country’s youth. J&K state government has decided to expose the names of the sellers including chemist shop owners who were selling drugs to gain profits in front of the local public.

The Kashmir divisional commissioner arranged a meeting where he gave several instructions to handle the whole situation and some directions passed to deal with this drug menace. And one of meeting member clarified that the name of the persons who involved in selling drugs to the youth will display under the “name and shame” category to all the local newspapers in order to create a deterrent.

He also told the media that the drug controller organization, Kashmir will publish the list of suspended licenses in the advertisement channels and provide the list to all SHOs through respective SSPs.

Doctor recommended prescription is mandatory to sell drugs to any of the people but to get benefits sellers selling drugs without any prescription and this act making things easy for druggists to consume drugs. And the best things in the direction of the deputy commissioners to take help from local citizens and imams of local mosques to share the message against drug menace mostly on Friday sermons and at other religious congregations.

Surprise check and visits to local sellers to stop the sale of alcoholic medicines will help cops to handle this situation.  Police will take strict action against defaulters and this can also lead to cancellation of their pharmacy licenses.

148 licenses already get canceled as the traders were involved in selling abusive substances and government is now actively working to keep the check on the sales of drugs.
Modernized drug de-addiction center will soon to be open to help youth to get freedom from drugs addiction.


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