Chandigarh : The UT health department on Friday marked an inquiry to check on the sale of branded medicines at the Jan Aushadhi store at the Government Multi-Specialty Hospital (GMSH), Sector 16, premises.

The development came after a patient, who visited the hospital’s orthopaedics department after getting severe knee pain, filed a written complaint with the UT health director, stating that the Jan Aushadhi store gave her branded medicines in place of the generic ones and also issued a wrong bill.

“The Jan Aushadhi store sold branded medicine to me at a cost of ₹235, but gave me a bill for a purchase amounting to ₹201. The authorities must check on the sale of the store,” the patient said in her complaint.

Addressing the same, UT health secretary Yashpal Garg said, “After receiving the complaint, the drug inspector has been asked to check on the working of the Jan Aushadhi store and to submit a report.”

After the inquiry was marked, the drug inspector conducted a surprise check on the store.

The health department, in a statement said, it was observed during the inspection that the kendra had stocked both Jan Aushadhi drugs and other branded medicines for sale.

“Eight types of branded drugs were seized. Certified copies of certain purchase and sale bills for branded and generic drugs were also taken on record, as evidence of sale of both types of drugs,” it further read.

The statement stated that the matter will be investigated further and that it would consult the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Bureau of India regarding the guidelines related to the sale of drugs.

“If the violations are confirmed, appropriate actions will be taken against the Jan Aushadhi Kendra,” it added.