COVID-19 : 58 new trials involving Ayurveda registered from March 1 to June 25

The Union Ministry of Ayush has registered 58 new COVID-19 trials which involves Ayurveda from March 01 to June 25, 2020 in the Clinical Trial Registry of India (CTRI), highlighting the emerging nationwide trend of evidence-based studies in Ayush disciplines.

According to the reports in August had revealed that out of the 203 trials registered in the CTRI, 61.5 percent were from Ayush disciplines, the ministry said in a statement.
Around 70 per cent were sponsored by the Centre and various stakeholders of Ayurveda associated with Ayush.

The ministry said that “These trials will provide useful information to the researchers which will help them to strategize the next course of action and also help the general public in understanding the contribution of Ayurveda in combating COVID-19,”

The ministry further added that, “After the completion, the results will be published so as these could be useful in making policies related to Ayush medicines. They will provide information for the global scientific community to know about the outcomes of Ayurveda clinical trials being conducted on COVID-19 in India.

The statement also said that, “With an increasing number of registered trials in this field, the body of knowledge in Ayush disciplines will increasingly reflect more contemporary information.”


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