Dehradun Police Seizes 68,000 Caps Of Controlled Drugs

DEHRADUN : Dehradun police recovered a drug haul comprising 68,000 Caps comprising a painkiller and an anti-anxiety prescription medicine which are reported to be worth Rs 50 lakh in the black market from two medical stores in the Premnagar area in the wee hours of Sunday.

It is the biggest recovery of such prescription drugs by Dehradun police, said the senior superintendent of police Daleep Singh Kunwar in a Press conference here on Sunday. He said that the police received a tip-off through an informer late on Saturday evening that the operators of Vansh Medical Store near Sudhowala Chowk have been selling controlled drugs without prescription.

A police team led by a circle officer of Premnagar conducted a raid on the medical store where medical store operator Krishna Kumar (42) along with his brother Vinay Kumar (40) was allegedly caught selling the drugs.

He said that the police team recovered a huge consignment of drugs from the medical store including 68,000 capsules of controlled drugs. “The accused stated in the preliminary inquiry that they sell prescription drugs to students and labourers under the pretext of selling medicines in their chemist shop.

They are allegedly been running that shop since 2013 and possess no valid license required to run a chemist shop. They sell controlled substances to students and labourers at higher prices to earn quick profits as these drugs cannot be acquired without a valid prescription from a doctor,” said Kunwar.

He said that both accused have allegedly confessed to buying the controlled drugs from a man named Indrajeet who resides in the Race Course area. The SSP said that the police are investigating the matter and will take action against all culprits involved in the case under the Gangster Act. Kunwar and the inspector general of the Garhwal range, Karan Singh Nagnyal have also announced a reward of Rs 20,000 and Rs 40,000 respectively to the police team.


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