Diet Clinics might give IVF Centres a run for their money

‘Diet Podium’ in Rajouri Garden is effectively shifting the road to fertility

New Delhi: If PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease), a highly prevalent medical condition among women and girls in Delhi-NCR, is stopping you from becoming a mother, chances are very high that the gynaecologist you are receiving treatment from will recommend you to some IVF centre which begets big money for sure.  

But hold it. And take a road to ‘Diet Podium’ instead; give diet grooming a chance. There are over 50 percent chance that this diet clinic in Rajouri Garden will make you a Mom without much of the pain and trauma that IVF process involves- by simply working on your diet. The success rate far excels that of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) including IVF.

It is a given long ago that diet is evolving as an effective medicine, leading to increasingly coming up of diet clinics in Delhi. Dt. Sikha Mahajan, founder of Diet Podium and a popular Holistic Nutritionist, is invariably showing a knack of treating a slew of different medical conditions including PCOD aka PCOS ( Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), simply by grooming diets of the patient.

Talking to Medicare News, Dr. Mahajan talked at length about how gut health underpins overall health and wellness of a person and how working only on diets can go a long way in curing a number of medical conditions. As for staying in good health hormones are key, diets can be well leveraged to up dipping hormones and correct their imbalances. Dt.Mahajan said working on diets can do wonders and my outcomes vouch for that.    

A Certified Metabolism Specialist and an intuitive Eating Counselor, Dt. Mahajan’s forte lies in both preventive and curative aspects of health. Other conditions in which she is piling up success stories are metabolic syndromes namely obesity, diabetes and blood pressure, uric acid induced disorders, skin conditions including acne, constipation, bloating et al. Her diet grooming also revs up stamina and performance.

Elaborating on PCOD, Dr. Mahajan said, ‘PCOS is a definite impediment to getting pregnant. It is caused by hormonal disorder and can be best tackled by alteration in dietary habits. It makes a woman free of PCOD in 6 months or at most in one year. I worked on many women patients of PCOD induced infertility and they now have their bundles of joys. Women who have PCOS, there is an imbalance of female sex hormones which prevent the development and release of mature eggs without which pregnancy cannot happen. There is no effective treatment of PCOD in allopath and I get patients of this condition after they tried allopath for 2 or 3 years in vain. Gynaecologists at last send them to IVF for trying pregnancy. IVF is a very painful birthing process. So, if PCOD is blocking pregnancy, it is better to go for dietary solution.’

‘PCOD is not only a barrier to motherhood. Its other consequences such as unwanted hair on the face, loss of scalp hair, inappropriate male features, obesity, acne etc are equally worrisome. I have treated them successfully by customised dietary habits,’ she added.                       


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