By: Mohammad Shahbaz Alam

New Delhi May 17, 2016,
Drug Controller of Utrakhand had issued warning notice dated May 06 2016 to all manufacturers to come personally with original approval copy issued up till now. By hook or crook all manufacturers have to reach to drug controller office on or before May 15, 2016. This warning notice is applicable to all loan licenses as well.
This warning notice itself confirms that drug controller office has lost the data available with them or they never bothered to maintain approval data.

Firstly they issued approval of fixed dose combinations and others and now it is confirm that they do not have copy of new drug approval issued to the manufacturers.
They are so money eyed that they forget to keep record of new drug and FDC approval and at the end of the day they force industry people to come to the court rather than doing business.
In friendly atmosphere they issue approval and when media comes in between then they pose themselves dry honest controller and try to prove manufacturers all time villain.
Tajbar Singh Ji, Please follow total quality management and six sigma quality tool so that you can save life of innocent Indians. You are controller of Drug, it saves life or kills life. Your approach is casual and you are not fit for the controller position, hence you should resign then and there.


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