Scientific Panel and Scientific Committee has recommended RDA values for vitamins and minerals for various micronutrients using reference from ICMR and Codex in this context. The document issued in this January is with the intention for ease of understanding and compliance of health supplements and nutraceuticals. But does FSSAI has achieved the goal. The pharma experts are not satisfied with the RDA value defined for Vitamin B12.
Based on the recommendations made by the Scientific Panel and Scientific committee, the RDA value of Vitamin B12 has been decided as 1 mcg per day.  The technical team must understand that Vitamin B12 is not a single component. There are four types of Vitamin B12 and the human body react differently to all four B12 Vitamins. For example when Methylcobalamin is consumed it is directly absorbed whereas when Cynocobalamin is consumed only one tenth of its part is converted into methylcobalamin and absorbed by the body. So, if 1 mcg methylcobalamin is taken the body will react differently as compared to 1mcg of cynocobalamin.
Methylcobalamin is for the neuroprotecttion and maintenance of it. RDA should be revised and should not go as per the books. Indian environment is different we are more vegetarian and source of methylcobalamin is more non vegetarian, that is why FSSAI should consider and evaluate the methylcobalamin concentration again