Fake MBBS Degree In 5 Lakhs, DMRD In 2 Lakhs, Arrested


Ujjian : Some people get various medical degrees in a few rupees, then treat people in their clinics and hospitals and earn big money, these people directly play with people’s lives in order to earn money, one such The case has come to light from Ujjain city of Madhya Pradesh, in which a person took MBBS degree for just Rs 5 lakh and DMRD degree for Rs 2 lakh, although he is now in jail.

Fake doctor Arun Sinha, who played with people’s lives by taking fake degrees in the city, bought MBBS for 5 lakhs, MD Radiologist for 3 lakhs and DMRD degree for 2 lakhs.

He told to buy this degree from a person named VK Sinha of Jhansi Medical College, but refused to recognize him. The big thing is that fake doctor Sinha bought this marksheet 15 years ago and kept treating people in different cities under its guise.

Nagjhiri police had arrested the absconding fake Dr. Sinha from Betul last days. The doctor’s board was also pasted from where he was caught. When the police questioned him about the fake marksheet, he started to be reluctant. Later he told to have purchased the marksheet.

According to the investigating officer ASI Vaid, Arun Sinha told to buy this marksheet from a person named VK Sinha of Jhansi Medical College. When the police searched VK Sinha, who was selling the marksheets, it came to the fore that he has retired and does not know the person named Arun Sinha.

And Arun Sinha also refused to recognize him. Although the police recorded the statement of VK Sinha.

During interrogation, Arun Sinha told that he had bought the fake MBBS marksheet for 5 lakhs. After getting this marksheet, bought an MD Radiologist degree and later also bought a DMRD degree for 2 lakhs.

Presently Arun Sinha is in Bhairavgarh Jail and police are preparing to present his challan.


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