Fake Medicine Factory Busted In Raipur: Goods Worth 10 Crores Found


Raipur : Fake Ayurvedic drug factory busted in Raipur. On Thursday, the team of officers of the Food and Drug Administration conducted this raid. This factory was running inside a small looking medical store.

About 10 crore fake and adulterated medicines have been found from this base of illegal business of medicine. These were being sold in the guise of Ayurvedic Medicines. This raid was conducted in 4 different shops and agencies of Raipur.

In the ongoing raids since afternoon, more than 25 sacks of goods have been seized so far.

Officer of the department, Assistant Drug Controller Basant Kaushik was receiving complaints about allopathic medicines being sold in the name of Ayurvedic medicines.

After this, a special team of department officers Dr. Parmanand Verma, Kishore Thakur Ram Brijesh went out for investigation on Thursday.

According to the inputs, the officers first went to Sharda Medical Store in Simga posing as a customer. Asked about the medicines there, the team raided the shop.

Inside the shop, the businessman had installed the complete set up in his property. Stock of fake medicine worth crores was found, it was being sold in the entire state and neighboring states as well.

The team of the Food and Drug Administration tested the medicine received from Sharda Medical Store at the Government Drug Testing Laboratory, Kalibari. In the investigation, the amount of allopathic medicines Diclofenac and Aceclofenac has been found.

Due to the side effects of allopathic medicines, common people want to get treatment through Ayurvedic methods. Taking advantage of this opportunity, these businessmen were selling the medicine by adultrating with allopathic medicines claiming to give quick relief benefits. According to the departmental officers, the amount of allopathic medicines found in the samples has a very serious adverse effect on the health.

Medicine making machine was also seized from Gitanjali Nagar. Deputy Drug Controller Raipur Basant Kaushik told that Rs 5 crore medicines from Sharda Medical Store located in Simga, Balodabazar, Rs 2.95 crore from Bajrang Ayurvedic Agency (Bharat Mata Chowk Birgaon, Shankar Nagar and Gitanjali Nagar) Raipur, Rs 92 thousand from Yashika Trading and Marketing Company, Shankar Nagar and medicines worth Rs 28 lakh have been seized from Yashika Trading Warehouse Birgaon.

All these business groups were also working to sell fake Ayurvedic medicines online. By giving commission to some people, they used to work in the drug market.

These companies were doing business claiming to remove hair growth in 90 days, cancer, joint pain in a month.

Officers said that by showing the manufacturing address of Ujjain, medicine was being made illegally in Raipur and its packaging was being done. Twenty officers including 11 drug inspectors were involved in the raid.

Neeraj Sahu, Suresh Sahu, Tekchand, Parmanand, Lakshmi Kaushik, Shruti, Omprakash and officers of Food and Drug Administration of Baloda Bazar and Durg district are engaged in the investigation of the matter.

An FIR can be lodged against the drug dealers in this matter on Friday.

As per Nai Duniya, the FSDA on Thursday raided four places and seized Ayurvedic medicines worth more than Rs 8.23 ​​crore. To make these Ayurvedic medicines more effective, these were claimed to grow hair and cure joint pain by mixing allopathy medicine in them.

Officials said that these agencies were selling Ayurveda medicines in the market in the name of Vatahari Vati and Chanda Vati. Marketing companies were making claims like hair growth in 90 days, joint pain cure with these medicines.

Officials said that in the test, allopathic medicines like diclofenac and aceclofenac were found mixed in these Ayurvedic medicines. These are pain relievers in allopathy. During the raid, information was received from these agencies that they procure these medicines from Chanda Ayush Company of Indore.

Manufacturing from Ujjain has been mentioned on the label of medicines. In the raid, medicines making machines have been seized in the agency of Gitanjali Nagar. The department has expressed apprehension that the medicine will be manufactured here. The cost of seized drugs may increase further after assessment.


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