Favimax Tablets Scam: Report Not Received Even More Than A Year Has Passed


Gwalior : A sample taken a year ago of fake Favimax tablets in use during the Corona period has not been reported. No one knows whether the report came or not. So indifference directly points to conspiracy. The official has forgotten the report of the Favimax tablet which created a sensation in many cities across the country. The tablet samples were collected from Mahadev Medical, Gwalior and sent to Bhopal from Gwalior on June 14.

It is known that fake Favimax tablets belonging to Max Relief Care Company of Solan, Himachal Pradesh were seized in Maharashtra. The tablets were manufactured by Sudeep Mukherjee who runs an illegal drug factory in Greater Noida. Sudeep bought paracetamol worth seven lakh rupees from Meerut and took it to his factory to make Favimax, a life-saving medicine in the age of Corona. Solan Himachal Pradesh company name is written on this drug. Medolid Company bought the medicine from this company and supplied it all over the country. Forty thousand tablets were also supplied in Gwalior. It ranked first in Mahadev Medical because it has C&F. Mahadev Medical supplied Pawan Medical. The drug inspector sent a drug sample from Mahadev Medical on June 14 for testing. Which has not yet been reported.

In the case of Favimax tablets, not issuing reports so far point to a larger conspiracy. The sample was sent by the drug inspector in Gwalior, the report was expected in a month or two at the most but the report is yet to come. A reminder is not written from here to ask for information if the report is not received.

“Samples were collected in June 2021 on suspicion of counterfeit Favimax tablets. The then drug inspector took this action. So far the sample report has not been received from Bhopal Lab.

Kiran Kumar, Drug Inspector, Gwalior”


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