picNew Delhi: Fortis Healthcare has set up Fortis Institute of Blood disorders including blood cancers. It was inaugurated yesterday. This state-of-the-art facility, dedicated to the specialized treatment of blood cancers and disorders, represents a critical step in addressing the urgent need for a comprehensive institute. Designed to focus on the diverse spectrum of blood disorders, the Institute integrates paediatric and geriatric care, advanced transplant procedures, and hematopathology expertise, all under one roof.

The Institute also introduces revolutionary CAR-T cell therapy, NexCAR19™ (Actalycabtagene autoleucel), to its extensive network of Bone Marrow Transplant centres in Mohali, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, and Bangalore. This initiative is supported by a commercial collaboration with ImmunoACT, an IIT-Bombay spin-off and pioneer in India’s first fully indigenous and commercially approved gene-modified cell therapy. NexCAR19™, India’s first market authorized CAR-T cell therapy, offers a new ray of hope for treating B-cell lymphomas and B-acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in patients aged 15 and above, who have previously found limited success with other treatments.

Dr. Ashutosh Raghuvanshi, MD & CEO, Fortis Healthcare, said: “The establishment of the Fortis Institute of Blood Disorders is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to medical excellence and patient-focused care. The integration of advanced CAR-T cell therapy across our Bone Marrow Transplant centres in India sets a new benchmark in the treatment of complex blood cancers. This initiative is a key part of our mission to offer the highest standard of care in precision medicine and comprehensive healthcare solutions.”

The Institute is recognized as one of the largest centres in India and the SAARC region for bone marrow transplant and blood disorder treatments. With a team of over 20 eminent haematologists, haemato-oncologists, and stem cell transplant specialists, it has achieved a remarkable milestone of over 2500 successful bone marrow transplants, serving a diverse patient base from more than 18 countries.

Dr. Rahul Bhargava, Principal Director & Chief BMT, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, underscores the critical need for specialized care in blood disorders: “In the rapidly evolving field of haemato-oncology, specialised expertise is crucial. As India witnesses a surge in blood cancer cases, our Institute is poised to

bridge this gap. We are committed to providing accurate diagnoses, effective treatments, and integrated research, ensuring optimal patient outcomes. Our facility stands as a beacon of advanced, targeted therapies, including innovative CAR-T cell therapy, combined with holistic care.”

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Virender Yadav, Chief Medical Officer of Gurugram, said: “The opening of the Fortis Institute of Blood Disorders is a pivotal moment, showcasing Fortis Healthcare’s dedication to tackling blood cancers and disorders. As Gurugram’s Chief Medical Officer, I am particularly impressed by the introduction of pioneering treatments like CAR-T cell therapy. This initiative enriches the entire medical landscape of Gurugram and beyond, enhancing the ability to provide advanced care for complex blood disorders.”

Shirish Arya, Co-Founder and Director of Business Development & Corporate Strategy at ImmunoACT said: “We are thrilled to witness the launch of the Fortis Institute of Blood Disorders, a significant step forward in blood cancer treatment. ImmunoACT’s mission to bring innovative gene-modified cell therapies to patients across various socioeconomic backgrounds is greatly bolstered by this partnership with Fortis Hospitals. Our focus is on making NexCAR19 widely accessible, supporting clinicians in their quest to provide the highest standards of care through robust research, development, and manufacturing practices. This collaboration with Fortis not only facilitates affordable access to our advanced CAR-T cell therapies but also sets a precedent for extending these treatments to other cancers, including multiple myeloma and solid tumours. We applaud Fortis Healthcare for their commitment and look forward to making a profound impact together.”

Dr. Ashutosh Raghuvanshi concludes, “This launch places Fortis Healthcare at the frontline of innovative treatments for blood disorders. We are proud to be at the forefront, providing world-class healthcare solutions. Our commitment to combining haematology expertise with the latest medical technology promises to significantly improve the lives of patients in India and beyond.”