Ghaziabad : Within a month, a large quantity of banned Phensidil syrup has been supplied from Ghaziabad in the district. Those who have been given the responsibility to stop them have failed to stop it. 22 medical store operators of Ghaziabad supplied banned syrup worth more than Rs 4.86 crore to a Banaras firm. Due GST has also been paid during the supply of banned syrup. This has also been revealed from the report of GST 2. When this was discussed with the drug inspectors, they did not give any satisfactory answer.

Supply from 21st April to 31st May

According to the GST report, the banned syrup was supplied to Varanasi between April 21 and May 31. In these 40 days, medical store operators indiscriminately supplied banned syrups worth Rs 4,86,58,577. A medical store has supplied syrup worth 78 lakhs to a Varanasi firm in three days. According to the Drug Administration Department, whatever medicines are supplied outside the district. The drug administration is regularly informed about those medicines. After this, a list is sent to the department in a month that which medicine has been supplied where. Recently, a meeting was held under the chairmanship of the District Magistrate to stop the sale and supply of narcotics, in which the drug inspector was asked to inspect the drug stores and keep a close watch on the suppliers of narcotics drugs. In this case District Drug Inspection request Kumar says that whatever medicines have been supplied have been done before June 2, after June 2 the medicines have not been supplied.


Phensidil is a cough syrup used in the treatment of dry cough and allergy. The Government of India had banned the production and marketing of about 350 fixed dose combination medicines in the year 2016, which included Phensidil cough syrup. It is considered unsafe to use during pregnancy. People also use it to get intoxicated.