Injustice is being done to students of forensic science in Haryana as recruitment agencies does not consider them as specialists in subjects, due to old rules which seems to be biased towards the forensic science students.
In Haryana M.D..U.Rohtak , K.U.K and Dayal Singh College Karnal offer Forensic Science course and around 400-500 students passed out annually. Courses are being offered but after passing out there is no scope for the students. Recently, Haryana public service commission has rejected forensic science candidates, just because old recruitment rules did not permit that. Even statistic, mathematics is more preferred over forensic science. The students have been rejected because no university is ready to mark word specialization on their degrees. On the same side, non-forensic science students are not asked for any specialization.Students says that just because of these old recruitment rule, forensic science students future is going in the dark. Forensic science is a specialized subject in itself. If the specialized persons still available why these agency go for non-specialised, non-forensic persons. Forensic candidates who work in Forensic Science laboratories on a contractual basis from last 8 year, their forms have also been rejected just because of the old rule discrepancies.In a memo to Haryana Chief Minister, Manohar Lal students have pointed out that it is high time for the government to promote Forensic in law enforcement agencies, promote forensic science means to recruit specialised forensic students, not non-forensic science students who even have no idea about forensic science and still they are more eligible in recruitment.They have reminded Manohar lal that Prime Minister, Narender Modi during his tenure as C.M of Gujarat has started the world’s first forensic university, “Gujurat Forensic Science University, which is solely dedicated to the forensic and judicial system.
Memo has urged Chief Minister to come forward and take good steps for the uplift of forensic and better law and order in the state as well as in society.Memo says that . Recruitment Rules of Forensic Science Laboratories in state of Haryana is totally biased towards the Students of Forensic Science that in Forensic Science Laboratory, students of Masters in Forensic Science are not eligible in Gazetted Post like Senior Scientific Officers because for that specialization in relevant field is required. On the other hand most of the universities do not provide specialization in Field of Forensic Science, only a few universities are giving specialization in few subjects. Further in state of Haryana only two Universities offering Masters in Forensic Science, but they are also not giving specialization in any field of Forensic Science. So that students of those universities who do not offer any specialization means their M.Sc is completely useless.According to the Haryana Forensic Science Services Recruitment Rules, students from the other field whose M.Sc is Equivalent to M.Sc Forensic Science, are eligible for each and every posts of Forensic Science Laboratories. First of all meaning of Equivalent means vice-versa, i.e. if they are eligible in our field than we are also eligible in the other fields. But actually we are not eligible to apply none other than Forensic Science Laboratories. So this is clear injustice to the Forensic Science Students.
Forensic Science student is more professionally suitable for working in the field of Forensic Science as compared to the candidate from other Basics Science, because they are not specialised according to the Forensic Science techniques, they don’t have a single knowledge about the Law and evidences and circumstances of Forensic Evidences. Neither in their course nor in any subject told about the value of forensic evidences i.e. how to handle a forensic evidence how to examine a crime scene, how to pick, forward and packaging of crime evidences. But a Forensic Science student is the only who has been specialised in each and every field of Forensics whether it’s a Biological evidence, Chemical Evidence or Physical Evidence. A forensic Science Student can work in any division of Forensic Science Laboratories without imparting any special training to them. If it is not than what is the purpose of course running by Masters in Forensic Science in various universities if we are not suitable than basic science.
According to the Recruitment Rules of Haryana Forensic Science Laboratories for the post of Scientific Assistant neither any Experience has been required nor any specialisation. So if any Forensic Science student who joined as Scientific Assistant on contract basis and after completion of their 3 years if he/she wanted to apply for the post of Senior Scientific Officer in any field of Forensic Science Laboratory (Which is necessary for the post of S.S.O in any Division) then they are not eligible to apply for S.S.O after fulfill the experience requirement because for S.S.O specialization is required in concerned field with three years research and analytical work. Finally the candidate will be rejected on the basis of educational qualification and ultimately their life will be wasted completely. Same thing is applicable if we joined as a Scientific Assistant in any Division on regular basis, after completion of basic requirement for S.S.A and S.S.O we will again not applicable for Promotion because for promotion case educational requirements remains same. So ultimately we stuck.
During the appointment as Scientific Assistant they don’t ask about specialization, but in case of S.S.A rules are different, for S.S.O rules are again changed so it’s clear that the rules are not specified according to the standard system of a Laboratory. Educational qualification should remain same for each and every post of Forensic Science Laboratory, only matter is experience.Forensic Science Students have only field of working that is Forensic Science Laboratory, Students from Forensic Science are not eligible anywhere other than FSL, so if we are not applicable in Forensic Science Laboratory than our future is totally spoiled, we remains unemployed throughout life. Our Education and experience became useless. If it will happen then what will we do in our future.

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