Government allows DG Sets for Manufacturing of Life Saving Medical Devices

Association of Indian Medical Devices Industry profusely thanks PM’s office and others involved


New Delhi: The government understood the exigencies involved in the manufacture of life saving medical devices and made the welcome move to make an exception in the use of DG sets in case of electricity outage. Association of Indian Medical Devices Industry (AiMeD) profusely thanks PM’s office and others down the line.

Welcoming the move, Mr. Rajiv Nath, MD, HMD, who is also the Forum Coordinator of Association of Indian Medical Devices Industry said “Many thanks to Prime Minister’s Office, Home Ministry, Haryana CM’s Office Haryana, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and Department of Pharmaceuticals for their kind support in this systemic redressal of this issue by the CAQM (Commission of Air Quality Management) for access to DG Set power in rare cases of power outages for the long term for entire Medical Devices Industry as is being done for Hospital & Healthcare service and other essential Public utilityservices like Airport and Railway Stations. This will help us in running our operations smoothly for ensuring readily availability ofthe Covid-19 critical Medical Devices, including much needed AD Syringes for vaccination, in India as well as globally.”

If the Haryana Govt. ensures steady power to Faridabad’s units there would be no need for industry to spend 2.67 times on the Diesel Generated Power in rare case of power outages for ensuring optimal capacity utilization. Also spread of PNG Pipeline network will help industry to switch to cost effective & environmentally friendly PNG (Piped Natural Gas)

As per circular F. No. A-12017/27/GRAP/2021-CAQM-VOL-II/2957-65 dt: 13.12.2021 by CAQM, Medical Services (Hospital, nursing home, healthcare facilities) including units involved in Manufacturing of Life Saving Medical equipments, devices, drugs and medicines can use diesel generator sets to run their production facilities irrespective of the curbs imposed by pollution control agencies in the National Capital Region (NCR) from time to time.

The commission, in a directive said activities or services categorised as emergency will be permitted to use diesel generator sets as an exception in NCR whenever orders for a ban are issued.

HMD alone contributes to over 66% of syringe supplies in India for curative healthcare and immunization. Over 2/3rd of India’s syringes need for general healthcare is fulfilled by HMD along with other numerous global immunization and vaccination projects mainly for children.

The Commission for Air Quality Management (CAQM) recent directive for shutting down Hindustan Syringes and Medical Devices Ltd (HMD), India’s largest syringes & needles manufacturing company asa part of a drive of closure of approx 600 units in Delhi NCR as a temporary measure to bring down pollution levels in Delhi and adjoining areas had inadvertently threatened to disrupt production of syringes and needles for Covid-19 vaccination programme. HMD had immediately informed the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), Commission for Air Quality Management, NCR & AA and other administrative ministries that HMD is manufacturing Covid-19 critical medical devices i.e. syringes for Covid 19 vaccination and the Commission had swiftly and emphatically responded and allowed production of syringes.The latest directive is more systemic and has cleared the uncertainty regarding such curbs in future, increasing the attractiveness of NCR and adjoining areas as a medical device manufacturing location.

On the other hand, Uttar Pradesh Govt. is developing UP’s first and North India’s biggest medical device park in Greater Noida with the attraction of lower power tariff and assured power availability.

The other category of activities and services that are permitted to use diesel generator sets include metro rail services, including trains and stations, airports, inter-state bus terminals, sewerage treatment plants, water pumping stations, national security and defence related installations, projects of national importance, elevators and escalators and railway services. The commission has asked all enforcement agencies like state pollution control boards to comply with its new directive.

“We definitely understand and appreciate the concerns of the Govt. and we fully support the pollution drive. We are with the Govt. in every step to help combat the pollution level and encourage sustainability in our daily lifestyle. We appreciate the quick decision and rational approach being taken by the Govt. for this reprieve keeping in mind bigger issues like averting a potential National Healthcare crisis and preparation for the 3rd wave of Covid. We can’t let our guard down. No one is safe till everyone is safe.” Added Mr. Nath.


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