HMD Foundation injects Power into Amrita Hospital’s Rural Outreach

CSR wing of Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd donates iLAB (mobile testing laboratory)


HMDFaridabad/ New Delhi: HMD, the renowned syringe and medical device maker, has empowered Amrita Hospital Faridabad in its rural outreach for providing people quality healthcare. Under its CSR initiative, it has donated iLAB (mobile testing laboratory) to the hospital.  It cost one crore rupees to the company.

HMD Foundation, the CSR wing of the syringe maker and AMRITA Hospital has entered into an MoU for the project ‘Rural & Societal Outreach Health Program’ to provide healthcare facilities for free or at a very reasonable cost to the people in need. This initiative will benefit people of Faridabad and adjoining areas

The initiative aims at addressing existing health challenges in the society by providing general health check-ups, routine OPD testing, and blood sample collection to the people, especially in remote and rural areas, bringing advanced diagnostics directly to the community especially the trail elderly.

The iLAB unit, which was manufactured by Andhra Med Tech Zone (AMTZ) at Visakhapatnam, staffed with a doctor and lab technician, is equipped with state-of-the-art Made in India equipment and computers that seamlessly connect with the hospital’s Cloud server. Patients can register and book appointments at the indigenous iLAB Unit, just as they would at the hospital. The initiative aims to reach and provide medical services to over a million people in the region.

Financial Assistance of over One Crore Rupees is provided by HMD for the procurement of the said iLAB unit.

Mr. Rajiv Nath from Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd., Faridabad said “HMD has always aimed to be systemically impactful when it comes to taking Corporate Social Responsibilities to make our Nation a better place to live. We are always working towards making quality healthcare affordable & accessible to the common masses as a Corporate Vision by our Medical Products and our CSR Programs. We are delighted to donate this advanced vehicle to Amrita Hospital to conveniently reach people and provide diagnostic services for enabling Preventive Public Healthcare. By donating this iLAB unit, we once again reaffirm our commitment to serve the people of the region within our limited humble abilities. In the past we have helped set up clinical access facilities at Bharat Vikas Parishad at Sector 8, Faridabad and also for the Manufacturing & Development Centre to make Medical Devices at AMTZ so that long lasting Public Healthcare impact is achieved.

Swami Nijamritananda Puri, Administrative Director, Amrita Hospital, Faridabad, said, “We are delighted to introduce the iLAB Unit for Faridabad and the neighbouring districts, reaffirming our commitment to expand healthcare access to all sections of the society and make a positive impact on their lives. We recognize that healthcare facilities in rural and remote areas leave much to be desired, and through initiatives, we intend to aggressively address this gap.”

“We are very happy that HMD Foundation has supported us by providing the latest iLAB unit. Carrying latest diagnostics equipment onboard with the capability to generate lab reports, this mobile unit would serve as a lifeline for the people, enabling early detection and effective management of prevailing health issues.” Swami Nijamritananda Puri further added.

Dr. Sanjeev K. Singh, Medical Director, Amrita Hospital, Faridabad, added: “The introduction of the iLAB Unit marks a significant milestone in extending healthcare services to everyone in Faridabad and surrounding districts. It offers a comprehensive healthcare solution, with a wide range of services including sample testing for biochemistry and hematology parameters. With close to 30-40 basic screening tests available, the unit encompasses all the essential parameters typically covered in annual health check-ups. In addition, we have the capability to handle molecular biology testing in case of disease outbreaks like COVID-19 or TB. The unit would act as a collection center and facilitate transportation of samples and referral testing, bringing advanced diagnostics directly to the community.”


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