toNew Delhi: It seems heart is under siege post Covid and people are dropping dead like nine pins, thanks to cardiac arrests precipitating unwarranted in old and young alike. This has caused quandary among people and cardiologists equally. But thankfully, there is a reason to take heart as well. The one easy- peasy technique called CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) which, if people all, equip themselves with, can save over 70 percent of them. Hence, ‘Reset the Beat’ CPR awareness campaign launched by Medtronic and Fortis Escorts Heart Institute  promise to go a long way in stemming fatal tide of sudden cardiac arrest in India.

CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) is a technique so simple that you learn before you know it. But do you know, learning it gives you an opportunity to be savior for a song?  The motto of this nationwide campaign is save and be saved by sudden surge of cardiac arrest in the aftermath of Covid.

Dr Ashok Seth, Chairman, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute and a renowned cardiologist, while launching the campaign (July 5), made a fervent appeal to all and sundry to make CPR learning a movement to allay fears about certain death after precipitate event. Giving example of Seattle in USA, Dr Seth vouched that CPR could be a godsend in this hour of heart emergency in India. Dr Seth expressed his wish  that there be such scenario  as  wherever sudden cardiac events occur in Delhi or elsewhere, there must be at least one CPR skilled person around to avert death. Quoting figures from where CPR learning is a norm, Dr Seth assured that over 70 percent people suffering SCA can be retrieved from the jaws of death by on the spot application of CPR and then taken to the hospital immediately.

toDr Seth red flagged the situation, saying aftermath of COVID and Pollution is proving double whammy on hearts in India. Post Covid, we are witnessing 2-3 times spurt in sudden cardiac arrests in here, he added. He said CPR could prove a great savior.

The CPR awareness campaign ‘Reset the Beat’ launched by India Medtronic Private Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Medtronic plc (NYSE: MDT) and Fortis Escorts Heart Institute  will eventually be accelerated in association with other leading hospitals across India. In the first phase spanning three months, over 1500 people will be trained through 36 CPR workshops across hospitals, railway stations, police department, public markets, schools, colleges etc., in Delhi and Chennai. The traffic police forces will also be roped in to avert the crisis occurring on the roads.

The campaign underscores the urgent need to raise awareness on the need for administering timely CPR to save lives during an SCA. A recent study indicates that the survival rate during a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) stands at 1.05% in India. The survival rates are influenced by factors such as availability of emergency medical services, prompt bystander CPR, and access to defibrillation.

In recent times, several celebrities have lost their life due to SCA. These incidences have brought the health condition to the forefront and made many people take note. The need of the hour is to raise awareness not only on the condition but also on how CPR can help save lives. Spreading awareness about CPR can help give SCA patients a second chance.

Speaking about the campaign, Mr.Michael Blackwell, Vice President& Managing Director, Medtronic India, said, ‘Lack of awareness around SCA is a critical factor contributing to the alarming burden of heart diseases and mortality in India. By placing a strong emphasis on CPR education, we have the potential to save thousands of lives through ‘Reset the Beat’. Through the innovative approach of bringing CPR training directly to the heart of our communities, and Medtronic’s mission to alleviate pain, restore health and extend lives, we are eager to empower individuals to become life-savers and make a tangible difference in our society.’

Dr Anil Saxena, Executive Director, Cardiac Pacing & Electro physiology, Fortis Escorts Hospital said, ‘We are delighted to collaborate with Medtronic for the impactful Reset the Beat campaign. At Fortis, we understand the pressing need to raise awareness about sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) and the importance of immediate response in saving lives. Together, we will work tirelessly to enhance survival rates and save countless lives. This collaboration exemplifies our unwavering dedication to improving cardiovascular health and ensuring that communities have the knowledge and tools necessary to act swiftly and confidently in critical situations.’

Dr Aparna Jaswal, Director, Cardiac Electro physiology, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute said, ‘SCA is a serious cause of concern and a public health issue in India, particularly because there is less awareness about its symptoms and risk factors. It is imperative to educate people about SCA and the fact that in the absence of immediate resuscitation, it may not be possible to revive the person. Together, we will bring CPR training and life-saving skills directly to the heart of our communities, empowering individuals to make a real difference in cardiac emergencies.’ Govind Sharma, Assistant Commissioner of Police Traffic South East Delhi assured that he himself and traffic personnel will learn CPR to rescue hearts on the roads.