Huge Quantity Of Intoxicant Tablets Seized, School Bus Driver And Veterinary Doctor Arrested


Bhilai : The Durg police have arrested three drug peddlers. 9600 intoxicating tablets worth Rs 70 thousand have been seized from them.

In this drug trade, including a criminal who has gone to jail several times under the NDPS Act, a Veterinary doctor and the bus driver of the DPS school were involved. Police say that the accused are being interrogated. Soon the big network will be exposed.

Disclosing the matter, Durg SP Dr. Abhishek Pallav said that Bhilai Nagar police received information from the informer on February 11 that Monu Sardar, who drove a DPS school bus a year ago, is addicted to taking intoxicating tablets. Not only this, he has kept a large quantity of intoxicating tablets with him at home.

The SP deployed a team to keep an eye on Monu Sardar. Meanwhile, the police got information that some boys were standing in a car and bullet under the Sector 7 Bhilai over bridge. They have a large quantity of drugs. They are looking for a buyer to sell it. It was learned that Monu Sardar was also among those boys.

Bhilai Nagar police immediately cordoned off the place and arrested three boys from there. During interrogation, these people told their names as Monu Sardar, Ankush Kumar and Shailesh Sharma. On search, a large quantity of intoxicant tablets were recovered from them.

Bhilai Nagar Police seized a huge amount of drugs in a brown color cartoon in a white colored bag from these accused. Police seized a total of 2400 Caps of Spas Tranken Plus capsules, a mobile phone, Rs 16300 in cash and a bullet motorcycle, including 11 packets and 9 packets that were open outside, from the possession of Monu Sardar alias Vijay Gill.

On the other hand, 3600 Capsules of Spas Traken Plus intoxicant capsules in 25 packets, Car CG 07 BP 4734, Rs 1100 cash and mobile phone were seized from Ankush’s possession. Seized 3600 Capsules of intoxicating capsules, mobile phone and Rs 1520 cash in 25 packets from the possession of Shailesh Sharma. In this way, the police seized a total of 9600 intoxicant capsules worth Rs 70 thousand from the three accused.

The arrested accused is Ankush Kumar Veterinary Doctor, resident of LIG 132 HUDCO Sector. On the other hand, Monu Sardar, a resident of Sector 7, Road 37, House No. 2D, used to drive a school bus and Shailesh Sharma, a resident of Mukut Nagar Durg under Mahan Nagar police station, has been jailed many times for selling drugs and his work continues from inside the jail. Shailesh told the police that those people used to search the India Mart website for this medicine. After this he came in contact with Motihari Bihar. From there, medicines were supplied to them at a higher price.


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