In Rainbow, Sick Children laugh all the way to recovery

150-bed paediatric hospital is all set to redefine children care in national Capital region.

New Delhi: They say if a sick child smiles or breaks into laughter, he or she is already half recovered. The first medicine that Rainbow, the recently unveiled children’s hospital at Malviya Nagar, infuses your sick child with, is smile induced by its childlike interior ecosystem.

The only super speciality hospital in the national region for Children, Rainbow is made to order for all the ‘desires’ of convalescing children. As cartoon characters are a staple for today’s children, Rainbow abounds in them. Its walls fascinate recuperating children as they bear a semblance of a Waltz Disneyland with all the cartoon characters painted on them. TVs connects all the cartoon channels popular among children. If boredom is bane for an ailing baby, this hospital’s milieu is elixir. Heaviness and melancholy has no place inside hospital’s precincts.

As for their cuisine preferences, nothing is out of bound for them. Even if wish list of their gourmet’s delight contains pizza and burger, they get them on a platter. There is a team of nutritionists to bake healthy variant of them inside the hospital.

Happy environ apart, Madhukar Rainbow hospital also stands out alone so far as quality of paediatric care is concerned and is many notches above multi speciality hospitals on this score. Unlike multi speciality hospitals, where children care are defocused, in here they are cynosure of all eyes of caring doctors and nurses. Precisely put, Rainbow hospital’s Delhi journey from South spells a paradigm shift in children care North of Vindhya.

Talking to Medicare News, Abrarali E Dalal , Chief Operating Officer (COO) said, ‘With a legacy of 20 years, our hospital is the only standalone centre of excellence dedicated to children and women in Delhi-NCR. It should not be misconstrued as a mere birthing centre, it caters to the whole gamut of perinatal and paediatric care. This hospital is a class apart in terms of technology, competence of treating specialists and quality of care. The list of doctors reads as a veritable list of who’s who among paediatric specialists in India. They all have 15-20 years’ experiences and overseas fellowships. ’

Highlighting the USPs of the hospital, Mr Dalal further said, ‘senior consultants are around 24×7 and in times of exigencies, always in a state of readiness. Being a world class, this hospital has all the cutting edge equipments namely latest HFO ventilators, incubators et al. Our hospital has 30 bed biggest level 4 Nursery nowhere found in this region. It has gold standard neonatal intensive care unit and paediatric intensive care unit, which has 30 and 15 beds respectively.
There are separate dialyses machines for children, 4 state of art OTs, most advanced ambulances, globally best fetal scan Volution, Philip’s ICCA AI system in nursery providing decision algorithm and timely alerts, blood products bank and what not. ’

‘We have created a benchmark of 60 percent normal deliver which far excels the recommended government percentage. This rare figure is thanks to availability of senior consultants 24×7 in the hospital. The ice on the cake is charges for normal delivery and C-section is same, so no question of monetary motivation for C-section as alleged. In addition to normal delivery, we also promote painless delivery. It is a measure of hospital’s excellence of care that we have just saved a pre term 750gram low weight baby. So far as affordability is concerned, rates are surely less than that in any multi speciality hospital in the region. Pricing and treatment protocols are transparent. We even allow family doctor to come and see the treatment protocol and can even take part in the treatment process’ Mr Dalal added.

Over three months after its launch in Delhi by Vice President Venkaiah Naidu, this hospital is increasingly becoming the hospital of choice for children. It encompasses all paediatric super specialities including paediatric gastroenterology, paediatric surgery, paediatric neurology, paediatric neuro surgery, paediatric- hemato-oncology and paediatric cardiology. .The hospital possesses a complete rehabilitation program to take care of allied patient care services like paediatric physiotherapy, psychometric analysis and behavioral counselling amongst others. It also has bone marrow transplant facility for children inflicted with blood cancer. The hospital can boast of having team of lactation councillors to promote breast feeding.


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