Indian drugs are cheaper says govt


Central govt. defended its decision to end the custom duty exemption for import of 76 LIFE SAVING DRUGS including those for the treating cancer, AIDS, Hemophilia. Government has said Indian manufacturers are already selling most of these drugs at cheaper prices.

Govt. also claimed there will only be marginal increases in prices of these imported drugs due to exemption withdrawl. Health ministry official also said ”In case of 95% of these drugs the custom duty is only 2.5%,so if there is a increase it would be very marginal .While  the medicine directly impact the treatment of crucial health problems like HIV ,AIDS and HAEMOPHILLIA, the official also said majority of such patients are treated by Govt. hospitals. The list of 76 medicines also contains pharmaceuticals ingredients.

A notification issued by CENTRAL BOARD OF EXCISE AND CUSTOMS had withdrawn the customs duty exemption on the impact of 76 drugs. They are used in treatment of diseases like PARKINSONS DISEASE, BONE DISEASES,KIDNEY STONES,BACTERIAL INFECTION, ARTHRITIS,LUPUS .


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