GURUGRAM:  Thousands of  lives are lost daily  because of sudden cardiac arres as people suffer stroke – acute neurological dysfunction from the most common heart rhythm disorder – atrial fibrillation (instead of normal coordinated beating there is quivering action of upper chamber of heart leading to clot formation) Sudden emergencies like sudden cardiac arrest causes panic which needs  Immediate help . Eminent cardiac electro physiologist, Dr. Rohit Walia has established a system called ‘Arrhythmia Support Network’  across India  which  educate and prepare people about  steps to be taken in such emergent situation. Dr. Walia  told Medicarenews  that most of the heart Rhythm disorders are curable  and  deaths preventable. Dr.Walia told thatnormal heart function depends on an electric system within it to make it contract and pump blood in a coordinated manner. Imbalance of this electric system causes heart rhythm problems (Arrhythmia- abnormal rhythm). These disorders presently are responsible for vast majority of sudden deaths & stroke – brain attack.Dr, Walia says that Electrophysiology has possibility of cure of most of diseases but there is no proper training  in India .Dr. Walia says that sudden  cardiac arrest is due to abnormal fast heart rhythms or sudden stoppage of heart function leading to inefficient pumping of blood to body and in  just few minutes human brain ceases to function without supply of oxygen and brain death occurs. .Victim is helpless & bystanders have to start manual pumping of heart by chest compression to sustain life.
Dr. Walia says that they are   undertaking a mass ECG screening at their  helpline and  anyone can  post an ECG for an opinion for free at


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