Is a pharma company doing clinical trials, and giving medicines to the poor!


In Rohtak, a very sensational case come to the fore, wherein a camp running in Anganwadi, people were being given medicines and given 500 rupees per person. A camp was being organized for two days at an Anganwadi center near Vishwakarma School in Shivji Colony police station area of ​​Rohtak.

When the Medicare News team reached the camp to know about what medicines are being given in the camp, after reaching there the medical team started checking the ID card of the news team.

After this also, when the team wanted to gather information from the medical team that what medicine is giving to the people. The medical team got furious at this question and said nothing.

On the other hand, when 4 team member of the so-called medical department was stopped by the local people, they all were not able to show their IDs and were not able to give an official letter to give the prescribed medicine.
After this people started investing by themselves and the team member of the so-called medical team said this camp is organized under the supervision of one reputed doctor of Rohtak.

When the Medicare News team questioned the concerned doctor about this, the doctor replied that this is a clinical trial of a corona drug, whose recommendation has been received from the department. He said that people are being given 500 rupees as wages for coming from far-flung places and for their whole day.
At the same time, when our team inquired about the people who had the medicine, their revelations were very shocking, they were not aware of the medical clinical trial, People told us that they were informed by the Anganwadi operator that cholera prevention medicines were being administered in the Anganwadi camp. Everyone must come with their Adhar card. Also, some blood sample was collected.

Along with taking blood samples, they were offered Rs 500 and asked to come again for trial after 14 days. Is an investigation needed to be done? One question is whether such clinical trials have been approved by the World Health Organization by the Indian government or not.

After all, in the name of Corona, which drug was being tried on the people of Rohtak and who is the godfather behind such a big racket , how they can run a clinical trial openly in government centers like Anganwadi. The matter has been brought to the notice of Drug Controller General India by Medicare News.


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