It is ‘Shocking’ damn good news for an Impotent

Shockwave therapy has been found to cure impotence

New Delhi/London: If the ‘mocking’ eyes of your wife in the bedroom have become unbearable, you can now give her ‘shock’ of a life time.

If erectile dysfunction (Impotence), ED for short, has been your ‘Achilles Heel’ in the bed so far, the time has come for you to be ‘electrically functional’. The ‘grid’ of manhood is close at hand. And, lo and behold, you can soon be a man to be able to twitch your moustache in bedroom with panache.

After initial titillating foreplay, now the ‘shocking’ damn good news, and, so to speak, one 11000 watt variety is that of a non invasive, non drug treatment of erectile dysfunction (inability to get erection while having intercourse).

An experimental therapy known as low intensity shockwave treatment has been backed by doctors as a successful way to improve erectile dysfunction. A new survey, published in journal Sexual Medicine, has found that seven in 10 physicians use it on patients suffering from impotence despite contradictory research on its effectiveness. A team of researchers of late surveyed 192 clinicians in 18th Congress for European Society for sexual medicine. A major chunk of them said they used this therapy with mixed results.

Last year in an interview, cricket legend Sir Ian Botham admitted to having the treatment to keep his love life robust. He has even taken up the role of an ambassador in favour of this treatment. The said survey done now reinforces Botham’s claim with the therapy.

Since ED has taken an epidemic proportion, this could really be whale of good news. Though the survey does not speak whether they asked Indian sexologists or not, therapy is already in currency here with mixed results. This therapy has not been approved in US and UK yet but it is being privately used there too.

Some experts in Metro cities gushed about the therapy. One of them in Delhi said, ‘with this machine around, sexually disabled men of the capital can well turn their bedrooms from ‘Waterloo’ into a land of victories’. Dr. Anup Dhir, a famed ED treatment expert of the country, has this machine at his Dr. Dhir’s Alpha One Andrology Centre in Nehru Place.

Talking to Medicare News, a renowned plastic surgeon in Indrapratha Apollo, Dr. Dhir said, ‘In selected patients outcome is very satisfying.  The rampant medical condition ED is being treated with low intensity electric shock by a machine. Four to twelve sessions (depending on the type of machine used) are given over a period of several weeks. The treatment is completely non invasive and can be done on an outpatient setting’.

Dr. Dhir said further, ‘Low intensity shockwave therapy is a new mode of treatment that has recently been developed to treat erectile dysfunction. Studies done in Israel have shown its benefit and it is being used in UK and Europe. ’

Talking to Medicare News, Dr. Deepak Jumani, a famed sexologist in Mumbai, said, ‘my experience with the therapy has not been satisfactory as yet. But many doctors speak of good results. In Bangalore, Dr. S.S. Vasan, the pioneer of this therapy in India, claim his 60 patients got cured of ED. There is an element of luck as well. Then, it costs 45 thousand, so a bit prohibitive for common men.’

The washing machine type machine has an arm that moves just like the hood of a cobra and has the ‘gall’ to end penile stupor. Experts claim electromagnetic waves, created around and in the vicinity of penis, will restore the blood flow to phallus, which is s must for erection. This therapy creates new artery too.

As India is being increasingly viewed as diabetes capital of the world, it may very soon be the world capital of impotence (erectile dysfunction) too because mainly diabetes is being found disrupting the pudenda artery. So this shock therapy is rated as a boon for diabetes induced impotence. Erectile dysfunction is a condition of inability of erection or sustaining it for a successful intercourse. Its causes include diabetes, heart disease, any chronic illness, psychological illness etc. The drug treatments available for this are not very effective.

As for duration of this electro wave induced manhood, Dr. Anup Dheer, a well known penile implantation expert, says, ‘ It has of course proved successful and it is treatment of choice in Israel, UK and European countries but since it is a new therapy, its duration can be evaluated only after some years of its application. There may be a need to repeat this treatment again. So far only the penile implantation has been found as permanent fixing of the problem. But this shock therapy is for those who are unwilling to be under scalpel for implant and it is cost effective too. It costs only 40 thousand rupees while implant therapy costs about 3 and half lakh rupees. Only 2 percent in India are going for implant therapy.

According to Tolstoy, the famous Russian writer, the ‘mother’ of all tortures is ED. Mark Tolstoy’s famous lines— ‘Man survives earthquakes, experiences the horrors of illness, and all of the tortures of the soul.


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