Mumbai Police under cloud for not taking measures against illegal drug manufacture

A FIR has been registered on May 25 this year against M/s Shantilal Brothers, drug distributor for illegal manufacturing & sale of amphetamine, a narcotic drug, at the Lokmanya Tilak Marg police station, Mumbai has not made any arrest yet. FIR made after the issuing an order by the Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis to Mumbai Police. Despite CM request, no arrest has been made.

FIR has been registered against the firm’s partners Bipin Kothari, Kirtiben Kothari, Rohan Dhairesh Sanghvi, Dhairesh Kantilal Sanghvi, Anjali Hemani, Pranav Hemani and M/s. Shantilal Brothers for cheating (Section 420), forgery for purpose of cheating (Section 468), using as genuine a forged document (Section 471) and counterfeiting device or mark used for authenticating documents (Section 475) of the Indian Penal Code and under the supply of any drug 6[other than those specified in Schedule X (Section 65 (5)(i)) and Section 65 (5)(ii), and Section 65 (6) and any drug or cosmetic in contravention of any of the provisions (Section 18 (A)(vi)) of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Assistant Commissioner Abasaheb Ramkar.

The firm producing illegal drugs since 2006, and they used to manufacture Lorfast D tablets and fake bills for it. Drugs worth Rs 2,26,747 were seized in the same firm.

Dr Ved Tiwari said no arrest and legal action has been taken by the Mumbai police till today.  After active involvement of Dr. Tiwari, president of International Human Rights Association an enquiry has been made.

Enquiry report clearly state that “M/s Shantilal Brothers used to submit fake bills in the name of several doctors along with the help of medical representatives. The banned substance was supplied to Dr VR Dev in Pune, Dr NK Agarwal at Nashik, Dr VN Desai at Vasai and Dr BS Jagdale. They used to produce the bills under the names of fake doctors and fake residential addresses.”

Despite repeated calls and text messages, Dyaneshwar Chavan, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone 2), remained unavailable for comment.


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