Jabalpur : Omati police arrested two accused of selling drug injections. Of these, one is an injection delivery provider and the other is a supplier. Police also seized 184 drug injections, 105 syringes and a bike with Rs 3,080 worth of sale proceeds from both of them. The supplier had purchased these injections from a big dealer of drug injections. Police are also searching for this.

During investigation, the police found out that Raju Vishwakarma’s brother Mahesh Vishwakarma is the kingpin of this entire racket. He has been misleading the police for a long time by posing as Mahesh Sahu, whereas his real name is Mahesh Vishwakarma. He is absconding in many cases and there is a reward for him.

Omati police station in-charge Virendra Singh Pawar said that a young man has come near ChandanVan to deliver drug injections. As soon as this came to knowledge the team reached there. The team apprehended the young man standing in the bike MP 20 MU 4854. During interrogation, he revealed his name as Akshay Rajput alias Shivam, resident of Kariyapathar Marghatai. When the police checked the bag with him, they found 184 drug injections and 105 syringes in it.

The arrested Akshay told during interrogation that he had purchased the injections from Ravi Tiwari, who lives near Marghatai. Police caught Ravi. Initially Ravi misled the police, but after strictness of the police, he gave complete information. He said that he had brought the drug injection from Mahesh Sahu. On leaving, the police searched Ravi’s house, but did not find anything there. The police have also made Mahesh an accused in the case.

In July, the Kotwali police team had arrested Neeraj Pariyani, resident of Narsingh Mandir, Ranjhi, and his henchman Raju Vishwakarma, resident of Lalmati. 62 thousand drug injections worth Rs 38 lakh were seized from both of them. Neeraj used to keep these injections in his warehouse. Raju used to deliver them all over the city. At present both are in jail.