Jim Corbet Park will host Kumbh of Stem Cell Experts & Scientists

First of its kind Event in November 10-13 brings Regenerative Medicine Experts Globally


New Delhi: Huge Therapeutic potential of Stem Cells famously called regenerative medicine in its entirety will be in the spotlight in the midst of verdant Jim Corbet National Park next month. The first of its kind 4 day long defining event starting from November 10 will witness veritable Who’s who of global grade stem cell experts. In the iconic park, stem cell scientists will unveil a road map of creating green zone of longevity in India. Intimate wellbeing will be the buzzword.

The transnational event is being organized by International Association Of Stemcell & Regenerative Medicine (IASRM) and is being looked at as a watershed occasion proclaiming the regenerative medicine has come of age and is all poised to rejuvenate humans from both within and without.

As Regenerative & Aestehtic Gynaecology is gaining popularity by leaps and bounds, this event is all set to optimise its horizon. Intimate wellbeing, Anti-Ageing and Regenerative Medicine is new domain / sub-Specialities getting huge traction everywhere these days. In the light of this evolving scenario, it was high time to organize such mega event to benchmark protocols to cater to the burgeoning needs.

World leading experts are participating in this this event as speakers, delegates and partners. Some of the globally renowned names are Dr Red M Alinsod, Dr Adrian Gaspar, Prof Dr Elvira Bratila, Padma Shri Awardee dr Manjula Anaganai , Dr Vidya Pancholia , Dr Tinatin Tomadze, Dr Matt Stefanelli, Dr Diana Mihai , Dr Attila Fogarassy, Dr Manish Mahajan and whonots.

These 4 days event is not only scientific program, it’s loaded with social and holistic contents.Talking to Medicare News, Organising President of this event, Prabhu Mishra, an ace regenerative medicine scientist, said,‘this conference is focused on holistic 360* approach of wellbeing, longevity and anti-ageing. Various latest advances will be discussed during scientific sessions like PRP, Amniotic membranes, Stem cells, Fat Grafting, surgical procedure like labiaplasty, hymenoplasty, and many more. We have invited world leaders to educate, share and exchange the knowledge and their experiences.’

Mr Mishra added ‘Post conference,the event also have entails  4 days of Handson/ live demonstrations workshops on cosmetic gynaecology where candidate can learn various energy based devices like laser, radio frequency, hifu ,and other technologies.’

IASRM executive board is surrounded with world leading doctors , Scientists and academicians. Scientific chairman Dr Red M Alinsod, Vice President Dr Diana Mihai, Organizing Secretary Dr Manish Mahajan, Joint Secretary Dr Attila Fogarassy, General Secretary Dr Lavanya Kiran and many luminaries

Stem cells is emerging as a hope medicine in India. Multiplying evidences of success surfacing by the day is making it an ultimate refuge for patients losing all hopes in traditional medicine.

The upcoming huge congregation of regenerative medicine experts will be a great boost to this future medicine. Prabhu, first rate stem Cell scientist and pioneer in stem cell therapy in India, said, ‘Stem Cell augur a complete transformation of medicine. There is sufficient evidence of its transformational prospects. Stem Cell therapy is proving sure fire solutions to a host of end stage degenerative medical conditions. In many orthopaedic and neurological problems such as strokes, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, autoimmune diseases et al, Stem Cell therapy offers a definite hope. It offers a lot of hope for infertile couples too, even to those who have lost their hope after multiple times of IVF treatment and for those with thin endometrium and poor ovarian reserve.’


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