Low Back Pain During Pregnancy: How Chiropractic Can Help

Back pain is a very common problem that pregnant women have to deal with. About 50% to 70% of pregnant women suffer from back pain. While pregnancy is one of the most amazing experiences for a woman, it also causes considerable strain to the body as it adjusts to the growing life inside her. The dramatic changes that the body goes through during the gestation period can cause some pains and aches along the way.

There are many reasons why a woman may suffer from back pain during her pregnancy. This can be due to the natural changes that the body is going through such as the loosening of joints and softening of the ligaments as the body prepares for childbirth. As her girth increases, she experiences a shift in the centre of her gravity and that can cause pressure on the back. Among other causes include weight gain, her posture, the baby’s position, as well as worry, exhaustion, and stress.

The hormonal and physiological changes that a woman’s body has to go through during pregnancy pregnant often happen at such a fast rate, in order to create the right environment for the growing life in her belly. But since the body has to accommodate a new person inside it, this can sometimes cause misalignment to the joints or the spine and that can lead to discomfort.

One way for pregnant women to find relief from back pain is to undergo chiropractic treatment. Long since been considered a viable means to relieve pregnancy back pain, chiropractic has been advocated by many alternative practitioners due to its many benefits. In one study concerning chiropractic and pregnant women, 94% of those who participated reported experiencing some dramatic improvements in their back pain in just a matter of 5 days.

Chiropractic care is a safe, drug-free, and non-invasive method that women can help deal with pregnancy back pain. In addition, they also get to enjoy the benefits from the treatment such as a happier and healthier pregnancy, better mobility, better flexibility, better mood, decreased nausea and morning sickness, as well as improved sleep among others.

In order for a pregnancy to be pain-free, there is a need for the lower back and the pelvis to be aligned and balanced. When there is misalignment between the spine and the pelvis, this can limit the area where the baby can move about in the womb. If not properly addressed, this can also inhibit the baby’s position which can affect the overall delivery experience.

Dr Christian Farthing says that keeping the body in proper alignment lends to a more mobile and flexible body during pregnancy. This also contributes to overall wellness too. The chiropractic method works by properly aligning the body which allows a woman to experience a pregnancy that is pain and discomfort-free. This allows her to better enjoy the experience as well as better focus on the wonder and joy of welcoming a new life. Learn more about how chiropractic can help in a pain-free pregnancy by reading about Dr Christian Farthing online.


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