Medical Store Seized In Tanakpur For Keeping Abortion Medicine


Tanakpur : The health department and district administration team conducted surprise inspections on several clinics operating in Tanakpur and Banbasa. In Tanakpur, a notice was issued to the clinic operators for getting allopathy and banned medicines in the clinics of five Ayurvedic doctors. A clinic was seized after abortion medicine was found. Notice has been given to a clinic operator and medical store operator in Banbasa.

DM Navneet Pandey has given instructions to curb the sale of banned drugs. On the instructions of DM, SDM Akash Joshi, ACM Dr. Kuldeep Yadav and CO Avinash Verma checked many clinics of Tanakpur and Banbasa.

SDM Akash said that on getting allopathic medicines in Ayurvedic clinics, Ayurvedic doctor Dr. Mohammad Hussain, owner of Government Homoeopathic Clinic, Dr. Anand Sarkar, owner of Ayurvedic Komal Clinic, Dr. Dinesh Kumar, owner of Ayurvedic Komal Clinic and illegally running the clinic on Tanakpur Railway Station Marg Shastri Chowk Notice has been issued to Swami Pavitra Sana.

The clinic was seized after finding abortion medicine at Uma Clinic located on the railway station road. Notice has been given to Sameer Ahmed for running a clinic without a dentist in Banbasa and medical store operator for treating patients at Vishwas Medical Store.


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