Mind Boggling Successful Brain Surgery of a Centenarian in AIMS

The super speciality hospital in Faridabad pulled off a first in India


Faridabad / New Delhi: Everything about Sriram, 106-year-old patient operated in Asian Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS) is mind boggling. His age, good medical condition and on top of all surviving a brain surgery. And we are looking at the new lease of life that he got after surgery.

Of course, the complicated surgery is a first in India but patient of this kind is also rarely found. Credit must also be given to the team of surgeons who made bold for this surgery and lo and behold! It is successful.

An otherwise healthy and energetic centenarian, Sriram was bedridden for a month. He was living in a state of unconsciousness and faced great difficulty in even putting a step down to walk.

His family members were surprised to see him in this state as he had always led an active life. They took him to a GP, who advised a CT scan of the brain to evaluate the cause of his illness. The scan revealed the formation of blood clots in both parts of the brain which were hindering his day-to-day activities resulting in restlessness.  The family had consulted several doctors for adequate treatment and management of his condition, but to no avail. Looking at the age of the patient, the surgery involved multiple risks during or after surgery, like- high risk of death during surgery, going on ventilator after surgery, prominent being an increased risk of bleeding which in turn can lead to shock, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, reaction to anesthesia among others. Besides some common age-related health issues like high blood pressure, heart and lung disease and clogged arteries may make one more vulnerable to experience side effects or complications.

The patient’s family had almost lost hope of a proper treatment for Sriram when they consulted a doctor at Asian Hospital for further advice and management.

After reviewing the patient’s condition, Dr. Mukesh Pandey, Associate Director & HOD – Neurosurgery, Asian Hospital said, the clots could not be eliminated through medicines and therefore, we decided to go for surgical removal of the clots. While the surgery was not without risks, Sriram’s family members showed great trust in our team and had faith in medical advancement as well. That is how we went ahead with the surgery. Looking back, I feel it was the best thing to have happened.”

Sharing details of the surgery, Dr. Pandey added, “we opened both parts of the brain and successfully removed the blood clot, after which Sriram was able to walk the very next day. He is back on track leading a healthy and active life like before.”

According to the team at Asian, he will be able to lead a normal life without any further issues.

The patient family expressed their gratitude to Dr. Pandey and his team at Asian Hospital.


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