Mountain Tumor proves a Trophy for Artemis Hospital

Artemis doctors remove largest Spinal Tumor

Gurgaon/New Delhi: It was giant of a tumor, weighing 6-kg. Protruding oddly from his back, this spine tumor, largest one ever, strangulated his lungs, liver and chest wall. When it was successfully removed in Gurgaon’s leading multi specialty hospital Artemis, the patient Abdul Razzak from Iraq felt as if he offloaded a mountain.

The mountain of a tumor involved four vertebral segments. Arising from the D10 vertebrae, it compressed the lungs, liver and chest wall of the patient. Doctors claimed that Doctors claimed it was the largest known and reported spinal tumor till date.

Abdul Razzak, from Karvala, Iraq, was subject to a lot of humiliation in public places when he went out with his family. His spine was tilting with the weight of the tumor and hampered not only his movement but, also made him a social outcast. He found it increasingly difficult to wear clothes of his size or even larger. Due to the size of the tumor he was incapacitated and could not even sit for too long.

His family had approached various hospitals for the operation, but was refused treatment due to the complexity of the case. Even the doctors in Iraq refused to treat the patient, citing difficulty.

Dr Hitesh Garg, Head Ortho Spine Surgery, Artemis Hospitals said, ‘It was a challenging case, specially looking at the size of tumor and its location. Patient’s spine was tilted to one side due to the tumor’s weight.

During surgery we had to protect the nerves as well as lung and large blood vessels around it.’

Dr. Himanshu Tyagi, Consultant Ortho spine surgery said, ‘Our major goal was to remove the tumor without damaging the surrounding tissues. We are glad that we could take out the entire tumor without any complication. The joy of watching the patient eating and walking next day cannot be explained in words.’

Post an 8-hour surgery, the tumor was removed successfully and the patient is doing perfectly well. He started walking the very next day after the surgery. At present, all the vital organs of the patient are in perfect condition. He was discharged in good health recently.


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