Demand for herbal products increasing in Indian Market

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Companies like Himalaya Drug thinking to start manufacturing herbal products as Indian consumers using herbal products and its demand is increasing with time. High demand urges companies to manufacture herbal products. Wellness division head,  Sudheer S of The Himalaya Drug Company said that shift in people’s mindset towards ayurvedic products influences manufacturing companies to introduce herbs and their processed extracts in their products.

Ayurvedic products and their identification can be achieved only by the experienced team as with the increase in the demand some problems will come surely like the shortages of supply, adulteration, and misidentification of ingredients. Companies with a strong background of Ayurveda and backward integration of herb raw materials including sustainable harvesting and good agricultural practices can deliver best herbal products to the consumers.

Sudheer pointed that Ministry of Ayush urging farmers for cultivation of herbs and giving incentives and subsidies to farmers. They also push the development of ayurvedic products and CCRAS (Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences) has also launched a few products and licensed to few companies.

Our Country is in need of a scientifically validated Ayurveda products and authentic Ayurveda in the country so that people can believe the power of ayurvedic products.

Companies like Himalayan drugs are doing good in the herbal products and Himalaya’ Pure Herbs range used by people to treat illnesses using herbal methods, doing very well in the market. Companies are trying to aware people more about the herbal products and the importance of the scientifically researched and tested Ayurveda products.

Country’s young generation is now conscious of wellness and grooming, so In order to deliver best to the consumer, the government is also promoting the development of ayurvedic ingredients and products.Herbal products are safe to use for consumers and the most important point is consumer awareness of ayurvedic and herbal products.


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