Nailed with 150 pins, Spooky man baffled surgeons

It took a marathon surgery to save bizarre ‘pin’ man

New Delhi/Faridabad: It was as if he was bombarded with pins and needles. About 150 of them had got perilously planted in the different vital places of the body. It took surgeons of almost all specialities of Asian Institute of Medical Sciences to pick them up and save his precarious life.

For 56 year old bizarre ‘pin’ man, Asian Institute of Medical Sciences in Faridabad was last resort because many hospitals had turned him away. In a marathon surgery of over six hours, the team of doctors succeeded in ridding him from the deathly penance. The case sounded all the more weird because of the mystery of how those pins and needles got pierced into his body. Pin man Badrilal would say he was not aware how they got lodged inside his body. Nor his relatives would vouch for anything.

Talking to Medicare News, Dr. N.K. Pandey, a renowned surgeon and Managing Director of the multi speciality hospital, said, ‘It was really a very challenging case. No other big hospitals he turned to had the nerve to take up the surgery. Some pins were so perilously lodged that even a small mistake would have been fatal.’

Talking about the queer case, Dr. Pandey further said, ‘Our able surgeons flawlessly removed 92 pins from his body some of which were lodged in his windpipe, food pipe, vocal cord and carotid artery. The pin pierced in carotid artery was perilous indeed. When we did CT scan of his body, it was a veritable cushion of needles her was perched on. The case was all the more tricky due to him being diabetic’

Surgeons suspect that Badrilal might be suffering from some mental illness and, under the influence of his brain waves, had been piercing the pins into his body himself. His curious case came to light at a private hospital in Kota where he had gone complaining of foot ache and diabetes. He arrived at the Asian Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS) in Faridabad last fortnight complaining of breathlessness and throat pain. In CT scan, he was found to have more than 150 pins in his throat, elbows, abdomen and ankles. 10 of them were piercing his windpipe, three going through his food pipe, one in the vocal cord and two cutting through his carotid artery — the main artery that supplies blood to the brain.

Surgeries were performed on June 29 and July 2 to remove pins from his neck and abdomen. As for why Badrilal pierced needles and pins into his body, mental experts said that he might be delusional and psychotic. He might have inserted the pins because he imagined he was following commands of the voices in his head. There have been cases where people killed others, cut off their testicles or harmed themselves because a voice told them to do so. Or it could be because he wanted to inflict self-harm


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