Aadhar card made mandatory for Registration as a Pharmacist

New Delhi : To bring transparency in the pharma sector, Government all set to work on all aspects to check fraudulent activities. Like in India, there are many pharmacists who make more than one registration will be duped.

Government gave instructions to all the pharmacists to link their pharmacist’s base number in their license within three months. Medial retailers also need to link their Aadhaar number to get registration.

All these steps will definitely help government and consumers to get benefits as the pharma business is about 4 to 5 Crores daily. At starting phases, people have to face problems as the implementation of new policies will going to change the structure of the present business.

According to the latest orders from government;

  • All Medial retailers have to link the pharmacist’s base number in their license within three months.
  • With the formation of a license for a medical store, it is necessary to add a pharmacist base card to the license renewal.
  • The license can be cancelled, if orders will not be followed.

And there are some other changes that government made for pharmacists are:

  • 3000 rupees as a license fee of medical store with 5 years validity.
  • 3 types of licenses for opening a medical store:
    • 21b and 20b form
    • OBW is for wholesale
    • 21 A or 20 A Form or OBR is for Retail

According to the Chemist and Drug Association, this is a better decision and this will not let any pharmacists to work on multiple stores simultaneously. Now this period of change will definitely bring a good change.


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