Hard to control Internet drug business: NCB

New Delhi : The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has cleared that India becomes a prime supplier to supply psychotropic drugs to other countries like USA, Europe etc. through online channels. Psychotropic drugs used to control the mind, emotions, and behaviour and its very bad for health. The trend of using psychotropic medication is common among students, youngsters and lot of cases found in Delhi, Maharashtra, and Goa etc…

A new psychoactive substance, mephedrone, popularly called Mcat, that is widely supplied now a days through websites. Suppliers are using courier services to deliver them at the place of the buyer. It’s very hard to control the business of illicit Internet pharmacies because to screen every international parcel is near to impossible because of its sheer volume of and that makes illegal consignments undetected by the authorities.

NCB officials said that Internet pharmacies are usually highly vulnerable and keep the identity of organisers veiled. There were number of cases for an illicit Internet pharmacy. Same case was found in Surat, Gujarat, in 2015 and NCB seized alprazolam, methylphenidate powder, zolpidem tablets, tramadol powder, stidonafil and tapentadole tablets at the premises of Provizer Pharma & Swastik Herbal Care, Surat.

Now it’s the time to take appropriate action to stop this illegal online deals and government needs to work on how to regulate illegal Internet pharmacies.

According to K. Rajabhanu, assistant director, Internet is vast and very difficult to control. And there is no specific rules for internet pharmacy yet.

The trend of using drugs is increased gradually and people are suffering from high levels of stress and depression. To curb this menace, Participation of every stakeholder needs to be emphasized.


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