Pharma Business, A Game of Profits

Prescription medicine

New Delhi : Despite the efforts and rules of Indian government to make medical facilities affordable for the end users, there seems no benefits to the consumers. Like govt made compulsory to write generic medicines for the doctors, so that patients can get same composition but at lower prices.

In actual, the situation is totally different; doctors stopped prescribing pocket-friendly medicines. There were times when with lymphan at cost of 50 Paise per tablet treated diarrhoea with 3 doses but today,  for even a small health issues doctor prescribed you at least Rs.150 of the medicines.

This is all the game of commissions like expensive medicine means more profits. Government all policies seem to fail here as no one can restrict doctors to write affordable medicines. Drug manufacturers give more commission to the doctors on prescribing expensive medicines. It means that the more expensive the medicines, the more expensive the commission.

Doctors, now become businessman they don’t care about the pocket of the patients but only think about their profits. Common man is all time survivor for all the changes.

Now, this is the time to see how government will ensure medical facilities at lower prices for the consumers. Things are not that much simple as they seems to be, now there needs a strong policy to make doctors write best possible affordable generic prescription to the patients


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