American Food Supplement Company launches itself big time in India

Unicity International claims its products reverse metabolic syndromes to normal

New Delhi/ Bangalore: The American food supplement company, Unicity International, which launched itself in India big time on 12 July, calls its products Genomeceuticals because they act on the genome level of health.

Unicity’s products are unique in the sense that they are world’s first ever such products totally different from various types of neutraceuticals, being peddled in the market. The company claims that its products reverse the metabolic syndrome to near normal.

The company has applied a technology named Genomeceutical in making its products. It is a ground-breaking technology developed by the company itself. US patent for this is in the offing.

Talking to Medicare News Dr. Dan Gubler, chief scientific officer, Unicity, said, ‘Our company is bringing the world’s first ever Genomeceutical™ (gene controlling) range of products to India. A century old American company is all set to bring about a paradigm shift in the whole gamut of healthy food supplement market.’

Dr. Dan further said, ‘Human DNA makes every individual unique. It contains the biological code that defines every single protein in the body. DNA undergoes a process called transcription or gene expression that creates a “messenger” molecule, telling the body to make a specific protein. Each protein that is made in the body carries out a crucial function that keeps us healthy. As the body ages, DNA transcription may get adversely affected and the proteins may stop working properly. Unicity therefore uses advanced Genomecuitical™ technology in its products to support proper gene expression, which helps maintain healthy body function at their most basic levels.’

According to Dr. Dan, Genomeceutical™is a new  technology whereby certain secondary metabolites found in nature can help maintain the gene response whenever needed by the body and help maintain overall metabolic health. Unicity is currently researching an extensive range of products by leveraging this technology.

Speaking on the launch of Unicity’s Neigene, a skin restoration system, Dr. Dan Gubler said, ‘Beautiful skin starts with healthy cells. Neigene is designed using advanced, cell-targetedhealthy aging technology. World over, the personal care industry is struggling to find sustainable solutions to skin protection from UV radiation and impact of lifestyle related stress. Unicity has researched the use of premium extracts that control gene response and produce collagen to such stimuli while not only preventing further degeneration but also accentuating effective skin restoration. We have pioneered this as our first Genomeceutical™ product. Research is underway to apply this technology to other areas of body care.’


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