No Sunday off for Modicare Mandarins

PM Narendra Modi personally monitors the progress of Ayushman Bharat and Bhartiya JanAushadhi Pariyojana

New Delhi: Top functionaries of Ayushman Bharat are burning midnight oil to make Modicare a super success. There is no Sunday off for them. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is personally monitoring its implementation.

This was revealed by Arun Gupta, Executive Director, National Health Agency, an arm of Ayushman Bharat, in national discourse on the topic ‘Three Dimensions of Healthy India: Jan Ausadhi, Nutrition and Ayushman’ on December 9, 2018 in Gandhi Shanti Pratishthan. He said that Indu Bhushan, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), works even on Sundays for effective implementation of Ayushman Bharat.

Not that Modi breathes down their necks; they are officials who are inspired by PM Modi himself being in the grind. They are toilers of their own volitions.

Sachin Kumar Singh, CEO, Bureau of Pharma PSUs of India, who addressed the national discourse, is also leaving no stone unturned to create the culture of generic medicines in India. Mr Singh is pulling out all stops to ensure quality of generics at par with branded ones. PMBJP ( Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Jan Aushadhi PariyoJana) is his mandate.

The discourse stressed that Ayushman Bharat coupled with Generic project of the government is poised to completely transform the healthcare Scenario of the country. The discourse was organised under the aegis of Swasthya Bharat Abhiyan, an NGO given to raise awareness about generic medicines. Sachin Kumar Singh said ‘India is exporting generic medicines. The whole world is using generic medicines produced by us. Isn’t it strange that we are using costly branded medicines and becoming poorer’? Mr Singh alleged that in India even generics are being sold in the garb of branded medicines. He assured that the central government is taking every step to ensure the quality of generic medicines. He further said, ‘the aim is to open one generic medicine store in every panchayat of India.’

Ashutosh Kumar Singh, National Coordinator, Swasthya Bharat Abhiyan, has emerged as a tireless crusader against costly branded medicines in favour of cheap generic medicines. His seminal book, Genericonomics was launched in the conclave. Ashutosh said, ‘ Genericonomics will go a long way in making people aware about generic medicines. If the government ensures the quality of generic medicines and people start using generic medicines, there will be savings of whopping sum of Rs 90, 000 crores.

Umesh Chaturvedi, Seniro Journalist, presided over the discourse. Neuro Surgeon Dr Manish Kumar, International Healer and life coach Dr Abhilasha Dwiwedi and Ayurvedacharya Somnath expressed their views. A number of health writers were honoured for their contribution towards creating health awareness in the country. Journalists who were honoured included Ranvijay Singh, Dhananjay Kumar, Hemamvati Nandan, Nishi Bhatt, Parikshit Nirbhaya, Amitabh Bhushan, Snadhya Dwiwedi, Nitendra Singh, Navtan Kumar and Sushil Dev.


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