Gustakhi Maaf Haryana-Pawan Kumar Bansal: Open letter to Bandaru Dattatreya,Governor Haryana in public interest.You are visiting B.D,Sharma Health University, Rohtak alongwith Anil Vij who had once described it a dead institution It is not dead but only hope for common and poor. Although your post is ornamental and you can give sermons only.

You are gentleman ,hence in public interest and in larger interests of poor patients,am taking liberty of giving some suggestions for improvement of institution which is only hope for poor people. As they cannot afford Medenta,Gurugram which is reserved for rich and VIP. Suggestions am giving are based on my interaction with cross section of stakeholders.
Pl have a meeting with CM Manohar Lal to explore how they can be implemented
Issues plaguing the institute are many-

Hospital infrastructure is archaic except for new buildings. Departments are crying for equipment’s and Institution urgently needs strengthening of infrastructure- both buildings and equipment. Demands for equipment is worth more than 150 crores. Construction work, wherever started is at snails pace, needs acceleration. Increase intake of students due to expansion has exposed crumbling infrastructure of teaching/college

Urgently needs new class rooms, hostels badly needed for both boys and girls as significant number of girls students are staying in MDU women hostels Class rooms also need strengthening of teaching infrastructure. Recruitment of faculty and Senior residents should be smoothen as before 2021. Faculty & SR deals not only with teaching but also patient care, which is suffering as a consequence.

Government must reconsider and withdraw orders, whereby selection of faculty was handed over to HPSC, which never happened except once in 2003, as the decision has not only slowed down the selection process leading to stretching of patient care, teaching and research but also is violation of university act. Salary and allowances, are not commensurate with PGIMER & AIIMS and were last revised in 2008.

University/PGIMS should have the power to purchase , as before. Institute is struggling with new policy of procurement. The power of Director is only Rs 10 lakhs only. It used to be Upto 20 lakhs till 2014. Ideally should be minimum Rs 50 lakh to run this big institution.
Institution leadership in the past had seen giants like Prof Chander Prakash, Prof Prem Chandra, S B .Siwach,J.P.Singh and ,Vidyasagar ,who played an active role in its development and fame.

However off late leadership has minimal say in the policy making and planning leading to loss of confidence & low morale. There is need for nurturing, and consultation Faculty should be an equal partner in the growth of medical education and be used for expansion of health care in the state.

Am sure that your speech writer might not have included above in your speech.
Because of two reasons.One his limitations and second authoriiteis of University might not have provided above facts and have projected rosy pictuer. Governor sahib pl advise leaders of ruling party sitting in function to avoid interfering in day to
day affairs of University.