People are anxious about wellness after Corona


Corona has helled the people all over the world and they, once, started to think first about survival. If one asks for being well from another one, the answer will be ‘live and let me live so everyone is anxious for his wellness. That means people are cautious about their health and if this is the position, wellness and health has become an important sector that means business.

Now a days, people have already started to have business in wellness and this is indicated by how people are extra cautious for wearing a mask moving outside.

However, in our country, people are attracted towards Ayurvedic system of medicines. This is the reason that one such company share swung exorbitantly over night and it has become a brand. So, if an institute like Spencer that it can do in this field is to start short term courses for young people so that he get perfection in doing wellness related works. Since, this wellness is the need of hour and new generation has not plenty of time so short term professional courses are good for both the provider and providee.

Central government sponsored schemes Ayushman Bharat Yojna, has also been started with the concept of wellness and it has been envisaged for wellness centres all over the country. Under, this scheme several private hospitals are empanelled and they are doing their business. So, if the youths knowing knowhow for getting people well in respect of health, this will be very good satisfactory step for entrepreneurs and people who are getting well through this effort.

As far as role of Spencer Institute is concerned, it can use this opportunity to train young people in this field but not with boring and lengthy courses like MBBS and MD. There should be short course of like ITI in the field of engineering.

But, for it government of centre and states should also be interested because without of it, this will not be a worthwhile step. Actually, this is not one man show. Each and everyone’s mite is required for this novel idea.


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